/u/Patrickjr is very positive!

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0.9211 Same here, they gave me some Cookies and Milk with some GM Blessings, all because I was not able to play the game. Super awesome support staff.
0.892 I've got nothing really to ask, but want to thank /u/AMD_LisaSu, /u/AMD_Robert and /u/AMD_James for doing the awesome AMA, keep it up over at AMD!
0.8862 Those cute big eyes on his tiny cute head is oh so adorable!
0.8812 This is so precious, I love this post.
0.875 I'm glad you enjoyed all the loves he gave you.
0.8689 Super cute kitty <3
0.8168 She's super cute though!!
0.8122 Super adorable!
0.8074 Hey it's Rey again, Good morning cutie <3
0.8074 Yeah :( well she's a super cute kitten.
0.8016 RBF or not the photo is super cute!

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-0.9294 I've already commented before, but the pain in this photo is upsetting :c
-0.7351 Heartbreaking :'(
-0.7177 Look at those murder mittens!
-0.6908 Sorry for your loss :c
-0.5719 Of course it's a scam.
-0.5256 That's so sad.
-0.4939 Just a Nikon D3200 75-200 lens and a tripod Sorry about my amateur photo :(
-0.4404 Got mine via steam :(
-0.4215 Has there been anything in your life you regret?
-0.2263 Doing so will make it take longer, if you want it done faster, leave it alone or if you have decent internet speed delete it and just download the game that way.
-0.0516 Well spin my nipple nuts and send me to Alaska.
0.0 Look at those expressive eyebrows!