/u/Patrickjr is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8968 I hope you give this handsome fella all the love you can.
0.8955 Still tag me :3 I love cute kitties!
0.8316 They're super loving.
0.8271 Successfully caught a Cute Kitty, Would you like to give them a nickname?
0.8122 She's super adorable!
0.8122 Super adorable face!
0.8016 This is super cute!
0.8016 He looks super cute though!
0.7964 Super adorable.
0.7906 Look at the cutie in the blankie, he knows he's a cutie too, look at the cute little face.
0.7845 Super cute

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8126 That's devastating :c
-0.765 :'( must have been heartbreaking to see her like that :(
-0.7579 I did extract it manually using FreeArc, but sadly still no menu text.
-0.743 that's upsetting :'(
-0.4939 I wanna steal her away and give her loads of snuggs
-0.4902 Got me really teary :(
-0.4865 I'm so sorry for loss OP, Read some of the comments and made me tear up.
-0.4767 You read it wrong, he's adopting this kitty.
-0.25 maybe one with a stutter?
-0.1984 The fish was this big I swear!!
0.0 Look at dem ears!
0.0 What a bountiful harvest of beans this year!