/u/Patrickjr is very positive!

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0.9468 I know it's a joke but to be honest the USB is super cute.
0.8756 I really love mods like this, the time and effort to going into this take a long time, What's the process in doing something like this anyway?
0.875 I hope her last days will be her best <3
0.872 The cute little black splodge on her nose is super cute
0.8685 Love it, absolutely gorgeous!
0.8478 Super gorgeous fluffer!
0.8225 kitty0706 Rest In Peace And DasBoSchitt I hope he's ok
0.8122 Oh gosh that's a super adorable floofer you have!
0.7964 That's super adorable.
0.7783 I'm curious to what breed your kitty is, I've seen a few with the cute black patch on the nose area, on some kitties, it looks like a little tree.
0.7712 He definitely loves the camera!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.784 Stop killing those unicorns!
-0.6452 So much anger!
-0.5719 Nothing wrong with your cock and balls out in the open in the summer breeze.
-0.4767 The size is fake, it's only 2048x1356
-0.4019 Or you could make a discord server.
-0.3818 Sorry for your loss.
-0.34 Tfw when you accidentally open your front-facing camera.
-0.3182 You've been using steam awkwardly.
-0.1779 Aww she's gorgeous, sorry for your loss :c
-0.1531 God damn it.
-0.1513 I'm so sorry to hear.
-0.128 I pre-ordered my PC Copy on Amazon, got no code yet.