/u/POSVT is kind of a dick.

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0.881 The *best* thing would be a PCP appointment, but if you can't get one or can't afford it, urgent care is the next best step.
0.8336 100% true, but if you aren't able to pay at an urgent care place, you don't get seen.
0.8231 Very similar for sure, though I've seen 1 peri-rectal so far & it wasn't nearly as bad - it was pretty small, maybe ~3 inches deep, 1 wide.
0.7783 For bonus fun, go a little further back to the early 1940s.
0.7783 On exam, she's still pale, sleepy but easily arousable, epigastric abdominal tenderness w/o rebound/guarding w/ + bowel sounds.
0.7783 The tarragon may be more of an aquired taste but I love it.
0.7717 I will say if the smell is anything like his actual poop, 2/10 @ best.
0.7717 If you can't get an appt with your regular doctor, go to urgent care if you can afford it, and they can tell you if you need the ER, or just treat you there.
0.7322 We'd need to hire some administrators to take care of that, so it could definitely happen.
0.7269 This is the case of society forcing someone to accept a risk for the benefit of others - requiring the use of your body to protect someone else.
0.7184 However it's 100% irrelvant to this case - sticking up for 1st amendment rights is a principled stand in favor of free speech.

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-0.9355 Because the vast majority of grading in ms3 is subjective worthless bullshit, so we have to cultivate the art of being fake as hell until you get to the point that you don't care about lying anymore.
-0.9061 I don't find it any more hypocritical than letting a surgeron cut into people, but freaking out on the mailman for trying to do the same thing. Second, what about the speech in question is illegal?
-0.8555 Even after something bad happens and the patient is confused, angry, depressed, ect., they're still your patient and you want to help them.
-0.8442 Hate speech can't be covered by obscenity though - and pretty much anything labelled as obscene is almost guaranteed to be struck down when it fails strict scrutiny.
-0.8402 Three years later he died of lung cancer.
-0.8402 When I was in anatomy 1st year, one of our cadavers was an almus of the school who died from colon cancer.
-0.8126 First, I'll grant that Twitter is run by hypocritical cunts who censor based on politics.
-0.802 I must say, I feel a very slight sense of regret for never having done it, because that post gave me cancer anyway.
-0.7964 You've done nothing this entire comment chain but make unsupported assertions, make incorrect assumptions, ascribe unsupported motivations to me, and generally haven't posted anything of substance.
-0.7937 Then no - this stuff doesn't smell good, but it's not Degobah/dead bowel levels of bad .
-0.7878 It's not like a slap you in the face stink, it's an insidious creeping stink.
-0.7818 It was really sad and destroyed me.