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0.9524 I honestly found it a little gamey, but the power was well worth it. The following blood-orgy was a nice bonus, as well.
0.9081 Imo it'll be a while before that catches on though, but it's definitely pretty nifty
0.9011 Self reflection/introspection suck pretty hard, but short of having a mind reader or a *really* good counselor they're your best bet at figuring out what you want.
0.881 The *best* thing would be a PCP appointment, but if you can't get one or can't afford it, urgent care is the next best step.
0.8442 Even white collar jobs have a variety of skill sets, and when you're doing something you enjoy, or even just something that you're good at, it can be satisfying.
0.8387 Danskos are soooo worth it, mine were like $150 but my feet *don't hurt anymore* - made it through an 11 hour whipple a few weeks ago and it was np .
0.8336 100% true, but if you aren't able to pay at an urgent care place, you don't get seen.
0.8268 That was pretty cool, thanks for the link!
0.8231 Very similar for sure, though I've seen 1 peri-rectal so far & it wasn't nearly as bad - it was pretty small, maybe ~3 inches deep, 1 wide.
0.7783 On exam, she's still pale, sleepy but easily arousable, epigastric abdominal tenderness w/o rebound/guarding w/ + bowel sounds.
0.7783 The tarragon may be more of an aquired taste but I love it.

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-0.9355 Because the vast majority of grading in ms3 is subjective worthless bullshit, so we have to cultivate the art of being fake as hell until you get to the point that you don't care about lying anymore.
-0.9269 "KILL ALL JEWS" at a riot is protected, "KILL JERRY" is not.
-0.9116 *All* drugs are going to have side effects & undesirable parts, but opiods for long term pain are particularly bad, especially when we have other choices.
-0.8934 Also, stealing is still unethical, even if you're stealing from 'slavers'
-0.8442 Other people have yelled "I'll kill you" in the past, and done so - however that doesn't make you posting that same thing a credible threat to me.
-0.8402 Three years later he died of lung cancer.
-0.8402 When I was in anatomy 1st year, one of our cadavers was an almus of the school who died from colon cancer.
-0.8225 Responding to words with violence makes the puncher the bad guy 99.99% of the time.
-0.8126 People with these beliefs have used them without exception in the past to murder those they deem inferior.
-0.802 I must say, I feel a very slight sense of regret for never having done it, because that post gave me cancer anyway.
-0.8 The current carve out for threats/incitement to violence do not cover "threats" of genocide, particularly since those threats are hardly credible.
-0.7818 It was really sad and destroyed me.