/u/POSVT is kind of a dick.

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0.9052 Please feel free to RES tag them with whatever you feel is appropriate, but for the love of god don't comment about it unless either your Imnotmrabut irrelevance quotient is
0.8908 As a cherry on top, we prepare med students for a lifetime of nonsensical, top-down diktats from Admin that at best do nothing and at worst actively get in the way of doing their job.
0.8885 Love this statement. Please quote where I said this, or kindly admit you made it up.
0.8847 There's also usually at least 1 more during the day just for exercise, but he's a pretty chill dog in general who's happy with whatever he can get.
0.8658 The state is 100% responsible for their care, because the state has removed their freedom.
0.7964 Care to engage with the rest of my comment? If you'd like I can reference other MD databases.
0.7964 Depending on the severity, surgery may be indicated, but a complete circumcision is almost never necessary, and function sparing procedures like the dorsal slit are generally better options.
0.765 Added to that, your brain helps regulate the muscle tone in your blood vessels, as well as stimulating cortisol production.
0.7629 I haven't seen them all, so please - enlighten me here.
0.7269 Maintenance is pretty easy in 3rd year so far, just make a routine and stick to it.
0.7102 On a less optimistic note, studies show that older doctors can be 5-10 years behind on current guidelines, like giving Abx for viral URIs.

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-0.9519 If people actually saw them as a threat, instead of just a small group of crazy racist people, then less people would condemn violent protest against them.
-0.9286 We were fools to think we could contain evil itself, damned fools!
-0.9042 And that's not even touching on outright fraud, underage boys/girls with fake IDs in bars, where the person taking them home for the night has no possible way to know they're doing something wrong.
-0.9016 Patients with BIID are at very low risk of severe harm, and amputation has an uncertain effect on their symptoms.
-0.8847 There are some exceptions but generally you need there to be a specific threat of imminent harm to an identifiable person .
-0.8807 Don't download their consciousness into hell, just have them stream their consciousness into a virtual hell over comcast's high quality broadband connection .
-0.8591 It seems like youre condemning them and sympathizing with the nazi. No, I'm condemning a violent act A violent protest isn't a legitimate one.
-0.8564 There's nothing wrong with that, but if you're state is retarded now your life is ruined.
-0.8519 Violent protesters are still the bad guys.
-0.8263 I generally don't try to argue with people who clearly already have their minds made up, but the overuse and abuse of projection and gaslighting lately has been ridiculous.
-0.802 The only contributor to her cheating is her being a shitty person.
-0.7988 Contrasted with the rate of severe complications and long term consequences , the evidence does not support the benefits outweighing the risks.