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0.9756 I've never read this stuff before, I think it's pretty interesting and I think it's agreeable. I feel like my relationship is at my best when I'm trying to succeed, improve, or make Konoha happy.
0.9643 I don't often think about her negatives but this was a good change of pace: Positive: - Strong determination - Strong sense of morality (could argue this as a negative...
0.9595 I'm glad to hear that you love Yang and it's always great to see people that are motivated by their loved ones.
0.9486 I'm a very shy person so I kiiind of think she would be the first to propose; but I have a growing courage in my heart and a desire to make her happy so I really want to be the one to propose.
0.9468 That sounds wonderful, I hope you help her keep her cool and I hope she continues to motivate you to do more unique things!
0.9337 I definitely agree that a strong relationship will inspire you to grow and improve.
0.9186 I hope you find /r/waifuism to be a wonderful place to share your love.
0.9184 I just happened to fall in love with a fictional character and I want to be totally dedicated to her, she deserves the best I can offer her.
0.918 A very nice gift and a wonderful day for a special girl!
0.916 Konoha isn't well known for her sense of humor but I'd love to make her laugh.
0.9118 She's changed herself before and made great progress in becoming a better person so I believe she can do it and I would offer her all of the encouragement I could.

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-0.8479 It leaves me feeling uneasy. Unfortunately my imagination isn't great fuel for my fire.
-0.802 Some of Konoha's weaknesses are her tendency to hide her problems, her temptation for alcohol , and her jealousy.
-0.7845 I get sad easily when I hear bad things about people--often leading to internal cynicism.
-0.7506 Most trolls tend to out themselves somewhere along the way by saying something stupid and get themselves banned.
-0.743 If you're only in the relationship because you're scared of getting hurt then you should reevaluate your choices.
-0.7351 That's understandable. I don't think we can ever prove your disdain wrong.
-0.7184 I think straight up lying about what you're purchasing might be a bad idea.
-0.6597 Shin met Miki while in a weakening relationship with Rem, while in the hospital, also while being in a poor frame of mind.
-0.6597 The way I see it is your waifu exists in your heart. They don't exist in reality and that can hurt; however, you should never let that hurt your motivation.
-0.6486 Doing things for her reminds me to spend time on things besides just hobbies. She's helped me dull my disdain and cynicism by making me want to believe in the good in people.
-0.6482 We felt what Shin did was incredibly wrong given the context but if she had waited a month then she would've realized that her feelings were different. This person made a mistake.
-0.6249 I'd rather find lewd fan art of her because gore is pain and suffering.