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0.9595 I'm glad to hear that you love Yang and it's always great to see people that are motivated by their loved ones.
0.9486 I'm a very shy person so I kiiind of think she would be the first to propose; but I have a growing courage in my heart and a desire to make her happy so I really want to be the one to propose.
0.9468 That sounds wonderful, I hope you help her keep her cool and I hope she continues to motivate you to do more unique things!
0.9261 Sometimes I fail at some things but I think I've found a lot more personal happiness and success because of the motivation she gives me!
0.918 A very nice gift and a wonderful day for a special girl!
0.9169 Thanks for your concern for us, we appreciate it. Before we begin, let me make something clear: - **Your waifu, the real and truly true version of them, cannot actually exist.
0.9118 She's changed herself before and made great progress in becoming a better person so I believe she can do it and I would offer her all of the encouragement I could.
0.91 If it makes you happy and continues to make you happy over time, then that's great.
0.9081 Couples that do that are all about safety and consent. Also gentle reminder to those reading this thread to be mature and respectful, as per the rule on the sidebar.
0.908 I hope your relationship together only gets better with time and I hope she gives you even more inspiration.
0.8987 I'd probably play around with it for a little while, it's a fun idea. Sort of like with a daki, anything that looks like or acts like your waifu is just another proxy.

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-0.9118 I may be a hopeless pervert, but I'm a meek hopeless pervert. * A head canon: About our relationship?
-0.8481 Before long, you either consume the mod team, or make your shitty opinions law through social pressure. Idk, I've been here for an awful long time and I've been a mod for a little over a year now.
-0.8439 If you cheat on them because of your own weakness or needs then that's absolutely unacceptable. - Headcanon is still kind of gray territory for us.
-0.8176 Waifuist dates a character and understands that character's dad would think they're a lazy and worthless person and the waifuist aspires to prove that wrong.
-0.802 Some of Konoha's weaknesses are her tendency to hide her problems, her temptation for alcohol , and her jealousy.
-0.7845 I get sad easily when I hear bad things about people--often leading to internal cynicism.
-0.7833 Erasing mistakes or tragedies from their life is not welcome.
-0.7717 By the same token, you could argue that any character with a canon relationship or any character that is dead in canon can't be a waifu just because of either of those things.
-0.7692 Those who are fundamentally 'incompatible' with waifuism will probably find that it doesn't help them improve and doesn't make them happy.
-0.7506 Most trolls tend to out themselves somewhere along the way by saying something stupid and get themselves banned.
-0.743 I try to avoid telling people to avoid harsh judgement.
-0.743 If you're only in the relationship because you're scared of getting hurt then you should reevaluate your choices.