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0.9647 I always look forward to seeing your posts and seeing you share your love for Kuroko, I hope you keep finding more love and that you keep on sharing it! These pictures are incredibly cute too!
0.9643 I don't often think about her negatives but this was a good change of pace: Positive: - Strong determination - Strong sense of morality (could argue this as a negative...
0.9571 We love to see people do their best to change themselves to be the best they can be for the one they love.
0.9312 Konoha is a very energetic girl that likes to spend time outside and I thought it might be nice to find some beautiful views to share with her.
0.926 Of course I want the love of my life to grow and experience new things, I want to bring her great happiness.
0.9186 I hope you find /r/waifuism to be a wonderful place to share your love.
0.9184 I just happened to fall in love with a fictional character and I want to be totally dedicated to her, she deserves the best I can offer her.
0.916 Konoha isn't well known for her sense of humor but I'd love to make her laugh.
0.9153 I celebrated my third anniversary in August. To celebrate, I decided to try to find nice local spots that were picturesque.
0.9134 Given that I feel that I do some things better than him and how he doesn't really return Konoha's feelings, it helps me feel more confident that I could make her happy.
0.9062 When you love and accept someone you should be prepared to accept the good with the bad and be accepting that things could change.

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-0.7184 I think straight up lying about what you're purchasing might be a bad idea.
-0.6249 I don't tell anyone because unfortunately it would cause me a lot of problems in my daily life. 4.
-0.62 A lack of merch isn't the end of the world, but it does kinda suck.
-0.6124 The problem is that, correct me if I'm wrong, you try to force this acceptance onto everyone else. I don't consider it a problem or something we force people to do.
-0.6098 I think I'd feel a little bit jealous internally, I don't think I could help that.
-0.5994 If so, give things some time. Maybe the feelings will die down.
-0.5994 You already can't physically be together with them and their death in canon doesn't change that.
-0.5423 Spend a little time with her when you can and remember that you have a life to live too. Ultimately, if you feel bad about it, change something and spend more time with her.
-0.5267 No, I just mean once they're off the sub we no longer know if they're in a relationship.
-0.4956 Why can't we agree that user x's waifu decided to drop smoking at his or her SO's advice? Because it didn't happen.
-0.4404 These changes and tragedies that happen to characters almost always happen for a reason.
-0.4215 Someone that will stand up for her even in disagreements.