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0.9821 She was super cute and interactive and said she loved my hair when we got our picture :) **Tl;dr** Joslyn was a wonderful performer, super sweet and endearing, and is a lovely person in general.
0.9501 Yeah, they're a couple of sweeties :) They just had to make sure that they name dropped Shea and Naomi to me before they left I definitely recommend going to see them if you can :)
0.9453 D: Glad you had a good time though :) You both look great!
0.9325 Trinity totally snatched that win though and I'm glad that she's not getting stuck in the "I'm a pretty pageant girl and that's all I'm gonna serve" box :)
0.9312 Love love love this!
0.9197 Honestly, that's one of the most flattering compliments I've ever been given, thank you :)
0.9117 here :) This week is pretty chill for me classwork wise, so the results/comparisons should be up sometime Wednesday :) The premiere is almost here guys!
0.9051 I haven't seen a lot from Joslyn lately so I was super excited that she was performing at a college near me last night :) Of course, Joslyn was the highlight of the show.
0.9001 Ru girls don't come to my area super often, so anytime I get to see one of them is a great time :)
0.891 Wow, that's super impressive :o What app/software did you use?
0.88 A non-obvious Top 3/winner is so great after our S8/AS2 debacles :P

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-0.8074 And now all the lame commons are back and I'm sad again :/
-0.7096 Mine are tragic :(
-0.6597 I live in a very Grass/Water/Common Pokmon biome so my dex is severely lacking :/
-0.6369 The black bodysuit that someone clocked earlier was definitely under it but I think she just hesitated :/
-0.6369 You start off with something understandable and then turn rude for no reason.
-0.5994 Basically all of the Fire, Electric, Ground, and Fighting types.
-0.5859 My mistake, I just got a YouTube notification about it today for some reason :/
-0.5848 Ah, I looked through the New tab and didn't see it, my bad!
-0.5697 I'm kind of disappointed they didn't discuss the makeup on this week's episode of Season 9!
-0.5574 Lol, the guy who made the comment edited it so now it's "Kimora please just die already ..Egoistical Bitch " Really queen?
-0.5095 So jealous I can't make it :
-0.4767 Poor Farrah wears a look not relying on body and gets read for it swallowing her up, I can't