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0.9419 Depending on how things go, you can probably expect results on Thursday! I really really appreciate you guys as a community and love having this place to come to, so much love you guys <3
0.9381 :) **Remember:** Cast your vote for your absolute favorite *look!* Do *not* just vote for your favorite queen, who you want to win, or a certain queen just to prove a point.
0.925 Have some good discussion while I'm gone so I have some good stuff to read when I come back :P Much love!
0.9248 Either way, it's who you think has the greatest chance so I feel like it's fair :P
0.9161 Haven't gotten the tickets yet, but my friend and I definitely plan on going :)
0.9036 Oh wow, that's very flattering, thank you :)
0.8883 I love this sub a lot, and I'm really hoping that we can all move past this and enjoy the rest of Season 9.
0.8805 They're very active and always seem to have the sub's best interest in mind.
0.875 Hope you had a great time :)
0.872 It's been said already, but I feel like /u/matronnegeorgia /u/katyaskid /u/Jacobmitonofficial /u/bluewhaleboner and /u/lassidoggy would all be great choices.
0.8681 This is a continuation of our prediction polls, so please cast your votes :) We had 3,000 responses last time so hopefully we can get around the same this time!

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-0.8003 I totally relate :( I'm going to be so disappointed if I can't find one before this event is over since I didn't find one during the water event either.
-0.7297 Even though I feel that Shea should've won based on her performance throughout the season, there's no denying that Sasha KILLED the final assignment.
-0.7243 Ok, after reading everything here because I can't control myself, I can't help but feel extremely frustrated.
-0.6979 It just wasn't super exciting for me personally.
-0.6682 It is a *tiny* bit frustrating though, not gonna lie :P
-0.6119 I'm so disappointed with the turnout, but there's no other way it could've gone.
-0.5551 So jealous!
-0.5095 I'm so jealous, I literally have one singular Ekans
-0.4449 I wasn't a huge fan of it either since it's her "big hair" again.
-0.4404 Especially since I'm a rural player with just common spawns :(
-0.4186 I'm so worried that I'm still not going to have a Lapras even after this event and the water event!
-0.4003 I've never seen that many Pokmon in one place ever, that's crazy!