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0.9381 :) **Remember:** Cast your vote for your absolute favorite *look!* Do *not* just vote for your favorite queen, who you want to win, or a certain queen just to prove a point.
0.936 I'm glad you had a great experience love :)
0.9248 Either way, it's who you think has the greatest chance so I feel like it's fair :P
0.9036 Oh wow, that's very flattering, thank you :)
0.8918 Certainly impressed by its stats I must say." And it's colossal if that means anything :P haha
0.891 Choose your vote carefully and if you're feeling extra generous, feel free to up vote this post so that we can get a lot of participation :)
0.8802 Be sure to read the disclaimer in the poll heading before voting :) We got over 2,000 responses last time, so hopefully we can do that well again!
0.875 Hope you had a great time :)
0.8625 It's just a super repetitive pattern in my life that I meet someone, we have an amazing friendship for a few months, and then I get put on the back burner and it slowly fades away.
0.8555 Someone can hypothetically just sail their way to the Top 4, win two lip-syncs and win $100,000, a crown, and a title regardless of track records and performance throughout the season?
0.8494 Haha, I don't pull in the dickpig stamp of approval :P

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-0.8003 I totally relate :( I'm going to be so disappointed if I can't find one before this event is over since I didn't find one during the water event either.
-0.7297 Even though I feel that Shea should've won based on her performance throughout the season, there's no denying that Sasha KILLED the final assignment.
-0.7243 Ok, after reading everything here because I can't control myself, I can't help but feel extremely frustrated.
-0.6616 There were a couple of open seats on both ends of the theater, but no really noticeable empty spots.
-0.629 Hey guys, I'm new to this sub so sorry if I phrase something wrong!
-0.5927 I really wanted to go, but couldn't make it down :(
-0.5551 I'm so jealous!
-0.5551 So jealous!
-0.5095 I'm so jealous, I literally have one singular Ekans
-0.4449 I wasn't a huge fan of it either since it's her "big hair" again.
-0.4404 Especially since I'm a rural player with just common spawns :(
-0.4186 I'm so worried that I'm still not going to have a Lapras even after this event and the water event!