/u/Orlyborly is kind of a dick.

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0.6369 Yes, that sounds like HuffPo.
0.6124 Yes, a fan sub is exactly the same thing as a university.
0.5574 You sound like a salty Hillary supporter tbh.
0.5267 Everything you have said is speculation pushed off by CNN and the deep state to bait retards. Congrats on taking the bait.
0.5106 You are confusing freedom of speech with the 1st amendment. One is a human right the other guarantees it in America. OP is about the UK
0.5106 So you weren't talking about the free market
0.5005 You think parents want to keep their kids safe because they want to put down people they don't like? That's fucking retarded, I certainly hope you don't think that
0.4939 Pretty sure they are just anti men in the ladies room
0.4939 I care about mine
0.4939 It's absurd that men shouldn't be allowed in the women's room? You've been brainwashed by Cultural Marxism, Reddit friend
0.4939 Not that you care about that

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-0.9254 Is Marijuana raping 14 year olds? Why are fight for the rape of American children?
-0.7906 What 3 people and why did they resign? Also, the rest of your blog post rant is wasted on me if I'm a bot.
-0.7783 What a dumb ass thing to say.
-0.743 You're literally fighting to get perverts into bathrooms.
-0.7351 Children are at real risk of violence when you throw men into a bathroom with them.
-0.7269 No, before you little Marxist started in on your culture war about it, nobody would have allowed creepy dudes to use the women's changing room
-0.7177 By 2020, London's goal is to have the most diverse class of terror victims in the world!
-0.7089 Fucking hell, how many times do I have to make this point. Under your system anyone who wants to can say they are a lady and hang out in the women's locker room.
-0.6447 or do you just swallow what your told without question? I mean, surely you have paid attention in the last few months when WaPo has been caught straight up lying right?
-0.6369 I can tell that you have not, nor will you ever live in a place where you will be affected by illegal immigration.
-0.6197 I'm not interested in your mental gymnastics. You people come up with the wildest conspiracy theories about Russia and Nazis while downplaying the obvious causes of your drop in support
-0.6136 It's only treason if she meets with world leaders that the left doesn't like.