/u/Orlyborly is kind of a dick.

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0.6597 Please explain what you would do if someone shorter wanted to put a medal around your neck
0.6369 It's glorious
0.6369 This meme is the best.
0.6369 I love him for what he does.
0.6249 If you want to hear 5 stories a week about what it's like to go up as a Jewish transvestite in Manhattan, sure.
0.6124 God, I hope so.
0.5859 They aren't going quiet anytime soon. Best we can do is work hard to redpill as many Normies as possible
0.5719 Yeah, without exception every single Blomald Grumph follower is like that, huh?
0.5574 Came here to laugh at ShareBlue gymnastics.
0.5499 Most likely, but it still makes me chuckle
0.539 You're the drama queen talking about baby fucking, reddit friend

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-0.8588 The Democrats suicidal and absolutely retarded meltdown for the last 4 months?
-0.8126 Now it's a conspiracy to stop his investigation into Russia. Do you at least understand why we mock you?
-0.7964 Implying you weren't going to come up with some retarded conspiracy theory regardless of when he was let go.
-0.7964 You are concern trolling on the cusp of retarded conspiracy theories.
-0.7579 You would have some new conspiracy theory out of left field to cry over, along with Rosie O'donnell
-0.7351 Goddamn, you are balls deep in fake news. Go back and re-read what actually happened with the Russian officials.
-0.7096 /pol/ just captured the bike lock rapist.
-0.5719 Tax status is the key to stopping these attack dog superpacs
-0.5574 If you are aware that Comey was investigating Trump, the Comey needs to be fired for revealing that he is investigating Trump.
-0.5423 Bad news for you guy.
-0.5423 I wonder if Trump waited until he was out of town so that Comey didn't have time to destroy files.
-0.5267 I guess if you look at it through the lense of a Hufpo blog it looks that way. But that would be a stupid to do, wouldn't it?