/u/OldEcho is kind of a dick.

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0.9081 PLEASE PLEASE GAME RULES PLEASE. Game rules made CK2 fun again for me, Reaper's Due had such massive acclaim because of game rules.
0.9042 Played Call of Pripyat about 20 times though. STALKER is great, probably my favorite series in terms of atmosphere and lore and the gameplay is an interesting switch from CoD knockoffs.
0.8519 The greatest lie the religious ever told is that anal would keep you pure. Great man who came up with that.
0.8225 Why look to the tremendous Catholic contributions to science and charity when we can laugh at the .01% of priests who commit heinous acts?
0.7992 Yeah so the first thing I write is "I am God" and no offense brudder but you seem like the kind of guy who needs a good smiting.
0.7906 Why celebrate the 99.99% of Muslims who work hard, who love their children, who are clean when we can point to the .01% who bomb hospitals?
0.7783 DnD is about freedom and creativity.
0.7717 Feels like there's some RPG in my shooter and I love it.
0.7351 People like you are why Trump won.
0.7003 We have to use a VPN to access a free internet. I feel like I'm standing at the edge of a cliff.
0.6808 Appreciate it, thanks

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-0.8934 A dozen tiny principalities, ruined cities, death and horror.
-0.8658 Eventually my kidneys, lungs, even brain would fail. Where this could become shitty for me is if people keep me stuck in a medical coma or something in a desperate effort to extend my life.
-0.8225 The people who remember the last real war are all dying, and with them goes the memory of horror.
-0.8122 This is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen and I hate you.
-0.7906 If you fuck up your own resume for god's sake I'm gonna assume you are a fuck up.
-0.7804 People suspected but didn't want to really know. And seeing their policies actually carried out took it from, perhaps, an arguable philosophy to a clearly evident evil.
-0.7725 One of the girls with an A was, frankly, not very bright, but she was the teacher's pet. Then there was just the constant shit she said.
-0.7269 Almost nobody in America we have a claim on all of North America. I damn well will ridicule you because it's ridiculous.
-0.7227 Okay but if you're taking data of cliff jumping by watching people squinting real hard at a cliff then your data is actually complete shit.
-0.7184 Shit was crazy.
-0.7184 Weapon's grade uranium. Free energy until/unless I die, just add nuclear facilities to make shit out of it. If we solve mortality before I die, fuck you entropy, humanity wins.
-0.7096 There are gods that by their mere existence are anathema to men and destroy us pointlessly and without cause, sometimes even accidentally.