/u/OldEcho is kind of a dick.

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0.9081 PLEASE PLEASE GAME RULES PLEASE. Game rules made CK2 fun again for me, Reaper's Due had such massive acclaim because of game rules.
0.8225 It's like when people say global warming is a myth because there's a snowstorm, or clearly true because there's a hot day in the winter.
0.7992 Yeah so the first thing I write is "I am God" and no offense brudder but you seem like the kind of guy who needs a good smiting.
0.7783 DnD is about freedom and creativity.
0.7506 Sweet justice.
0.7351 People like you are why Trump won.
0.7003 We have to use a VPN to access a free internet. I feel like I'm standing at the edge of a cliff.
0.7003 It can protect against NK nukes, which, you know, could save a few million lives. But I guess that's nothing.
0.6808 Appreciate it, thanks
0.6486 Well anywhere contiguous by land you can pretty much just...walk across.
0.6478 it's so delightfully exotic. They're romanticizing and pretending to be part of a struggle they've never had to, and never will have to, deal with.

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-0.9337 But it just keeps pushing closer, people are getting scared and pissed, and if things aren't readjusted there's eventually gonna be a goddamn war.
-0.875 In his desperation to continue the war he had ruined himself.
-0.8402 NO NO NO NO NO.
-0.802 "A crime that can never be undone." He fell, and I grabbed him before he could hit the ground. His fingers clutched in fury at me even as the last life faded from his frail form.
-0.7864 It's not perfectly fair in that no, you're not getting equal services for what you pay in.
-0.7804 People suspected but didn't want to really know. And seeing their policies actually carried out took it from, perhaps, an arguable philosophy to a clearly evident evil.
-0.7725 One of the girls with an A was, frankly, not very bright, but she was the teacher's pet. Then there was just the constant shit she said.
-0.7269 Almost nobody in America we have a claim on all of North America. I damn well will ridicule you because it's ridiculous.
-0.7214 No more joy, no more suffering, no more love, no more pain.
-0.7184 Shit was crazy.
-0.6808 You made your gambits, you fought your war, you lost." His body grew rigid, the light fading from his eyes as his clutching hand collapsed to the floor.
-0.6808 I had a teacher in high school that was sexist as all hell.