/u/OldEcho is kind of a dick.

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0.8555 But he doesn't _have_ to, and if the other players through great deeds become nobles during the course of the game, they can ultimately basically get the Advantage he paid for for free.
0.8225 It's like when people say global warming is a myth because there's a snowstorm, or clearly true because there's a hot day in the winter.
0.7906 I think the way Mutants and Masterminds handles wealth is brilliant for a superhero game, just doesn't work for a fantasy game. Edit: Also MnM requires you to work a lot with players during chargen.
0.7574 "I told you!" Boy this wasn't what I was expecting when I caught the cute girl making eyes at me and went over to buy her a drink. She held out her hand.
0.7506 Sweet justice.
0.7284 You do if she screams at you and lies, jeopardizing your safety to safeguard her pride in a talent she doesn't possess. Seriously?
0.7015 If your student can't take a fuckin' joke like that, teaching them to be able to handle it is probably one of the best lessons they'll learn in your class.
0.6808 It was all certainly very loud. A mumbled voice...or shouting maybe...and a rough hand shoved me to the ground.
0.6597 I hope you like a whole THREE PROVINCES.
0.6478 I'm sure you think you're very smart because you've decided to resort to name calling.
0.6454 I feel like I'm already sort of taunting the mods by reposting this with that edit, so I'd rather not get banned. But with imaaaaaaaginaaaaaation it could be ANYTHING!

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-0.9501 The US, while not involved in the war, was smuggling weapons aboard a passenger ship. Fuck off with saying that Germany was somehow the bad guy in WWI.
-0.9337 But it just keeps pushing closer, people are getting scared and pissed, and if things aren't readjusted there's eventually gonna be a goddamn war.
-0.9234 Because if you're terrifying enough other people won't fight you, and actually fighting people is a difficult, expensive pain in the ass.
-0.9231 You think we couldn't scrounge up another 3% No government wants its people to starve, that's a recipe for violence and disaster.
-0.891 I just looked and yeah she stopped posting four months ago which is probably just about when she hit 30. This makes me sad. Fuck you Reddit you beat a dead horse for literally five years.
-0.875 In his desperation to continue the war he had ruined himself.
-0.8553 That's the kind of fatality rate you see in massive wars.
-0.8404 If a student enters the workforce able to be emotionally crushed by being called "door bitch" they're not gonna have a good time.
-0.8402 NO NO NO NO NO.
-0.836 Putting it down on paper kind of makes it sound like you're GMing for the GMs... When I first read this I kinda glanced at it and went "oh, this GM hates torture shit in his games.
-0.8357 Loggers have ostensibly the most dangerous job in America, and yet their fatality rate is a tenth of a percent.
-0.802 Cheating is cheating.