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0.9443 Yeah, his was my least favorite of all of them, but the romance story was super cute.
0.9133 That is such a wonderful idea, I bet it could get lots more people to try out awesome free software! I bet you could get 2gb drives really cheap if you bought in bulk!
0.9117 Wow, that is an amazing photo! Perfect for an early morning tea mood
0.879 Beautiful Taiwan Tea is so great.
0.8779 I feel like this is the perfect one. It's a easy to read book, that, you can follow up with Lord of the Rings, which is more intended for adults/more advanced readers.
0.875 I'd just like to say that I found our IRC back in 2015 because of these free talk friday threads and it's changed my life forever, in the best way, of course.
0.8689 Also, as a neat bonus, the store usually gives out free samples with their orders.
0.8618 It looks so peaceful, I'd love to visit one day.
0.8537 And it was surprising that is grew better as time went on, usually things grow to disappoint me ahah, but the games and Pokemon have just been getting better and better.
0.8371 You can these days, it's REALLY improved over the last few years. I play a ton of games and I only play on Linux.
0.8316 Still a great value though, for sure.

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-0.714 It used to be fine for me, but then I got into higher end asian teas, and now I'm doomed forever and can never go back.
-0.6969 This is a problem that I can't really work around, sadly.
-0.6486 Hell, you can alter the code in the OS itself and change things if you want.
-0.636 No problem buddy!
-0.6114 I have tried a few things off their site, but sadly none of those I'm thinking they are going to be my main tea source from now on, so I'll be exploring more of their catalog!
-0.5838 I want a Sylveon so bad!
-0.5562 Oh man, that sounds stressful!
-0.5423 I don't personally think it should be stopped or restricted, I just don't buy early access games myself.
-0.5255 Still more than double of itunes terrible quality!
-0.5106 I'm worried about damage in shipping as well.
-0.4404 Seeing people and companies doing this everyday drives me to the brink of madness.
-0.4019 I think that is probably the core problem with this kind of release model.