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0.9523 :3 I love your choices of color, It has a great style to it! Also Sylveon the best
0.9324 Another wonderful album :) Thanks for all the great music~!
0.9133 That is such a wonderful idea, I bet it could get lots more people to try out awesome free software! I bet you could get 2gb drives really cheap if you bought in bulk!
0.8825 I'd certainly love to have some of this, thanks for the recipe!
0.8777 Thank you, you too! I'll certainly post it here if it looks good :)
0.8716 These are so pretty! I wish I had the money to blow on things like this.
0.8555 Yeah, that is what I was thinking too. Could get Mint, has a similar feel to Windows, and you can easily theme it so it looks just like windows 10. And it's free.
0.8553 Yours looks great! Yeah, I'm hoping to paint it black and pink/purple.
0.8534 It's so quality :3 Hope you keep making these =]
0.8478 They are both pretty cute! Iwanko may just be on my team heh :3
0.836 I love the perfected detail and the shine.

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-0.7184 I've yet to get to the stage of growing pains, I don't know if I'll bother to learn enough to ever get there with how lazy I am.
-0.5848 Oh thanks for all that! Ahh but leave it to the me to get everything wrong ahaha, turns out what I wanted wasn't even a Zaku.
-0.5838 I want a Sylveon so bad!
-0.4791 The ending It was so emotional I was crying so hard.
-0.4019 Our discord is the hype
-0.3274 Worried about screwing it up, but there is a first time for everything!
-0.296 I'm dual booting on a single HDD and there is no issue at all , I've actually never had any issues with it.
-0.25 I'm also stuck in the Nepgear loop
-0.1531 No problem mate :3
-0.1281 It makes me really bond with my Pokemon in a way that I never have in the older games. Also I really don't want the way Sylveon evolves to change.
-0.1139 I don't want a localization, I want a translation.
-0.0258 That is just the nature of dubs. It would bother me a lot if the names were changed from the original.