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0.9393 This is my favorite film of all time, after seeing the majority of Oshii's other works this one stands out clearly as being the best. Great to watch late on a rainy night with a warm pot of tea.
0.9186 Support the good guys, and buy from our awesome online sellers :3
0.9151 :3 I guess I post here a lot haha I'm glad you enjoy it!
0.9143 Honestly I'm super into pu-erh, and I've been buying from Yunnan Sourcing, but they have so much tea, I don't even know where to start. Help would be appreciated!
0.899 I drink a lot of dark pu-erh, so it was stained really dark, but after cleaning, such a nice vibrant yellow that had been hiding for all that time came out :3
0.8832 Also congratulations on moving up from Lipton, there is lots of good tea awaiting you, friend!
0.872 I love all the green~ Looks like a peaceful day to me.
0.8658 I tend to like darker ones, like shou or aged sheng, and drinking a young sheng is pretty much like drinking an entirely different type of tea.
0.8658 I'm also a big fan of cloudy days, I love the sweetness and the cha qi.
0.8555 Our top recommend vendors on our wiki are a pretty safe bet.
0.855 That tea set is seriously super cute!! A nice companion to have on calm lonely nights, I'd imagine.

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-0.8126 Younger shou will have that pile taste/smell you are referring to, but it only tastes bad on low quality shou, imo.
-0.8126 I've noticed that shou always works when prepared like this, but young shengs tend to get bitter and nasty.
-0.7447 I can't stand it either; I've never complained about someone using it, but it's one of those things that when I see it, it irritates me irrationally.
-0.7096 I don't mean to be argumentative, but how is it gross?
-0.6818 And even the bad stuff doesn't taste like something you shouldn't be drinking ahaha.
-0.6486 That was a great video, I didn't actually know about the smuggling to India thing. I pretty much only drink asian teas though, so I guess that is expected. Shame about the wars too :<
-0.5927 I have three different tea sets, but they are all just tea pots because I'm boring heh
-0.5725 Buying loose has the added benefit of being able to buy in sample sizes, to see what you do or do not like. Also I didn't do a great job of describing that orange pu-erh thing.
-0.5719 I've been crazy about loose leaf tea ever since.
-0.5667 I have so much tea lying around and I'm still tempted to buy more.
-0.5423 I'm allergic to tree nuts and they process all their stuff around them, so I couldn't even have Teavana if I wanted.
-0.5216 All I'm really trying to say is perhaps tea isn't your "cup of tea." If you aren't interested in plants you'll probably not like most tisanes either.