/u/ObeseMoreece is kind of a dick.

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0.872 This is daggering, pretty fucking stupid but funny to laugh at.
0.8357 Recruiting stuff is left up for intelligence purposes, it's a lot more valuable to see how it's done and who they communicate with than to just play wack a mole.
0.7506 Lol they're begging trump to tweet about seth rich.
0.743 Because we haven't developed usable fusion yet, it's still being researched and it takes a monumental amount of energy to contain the plasma created, almost more energy than it creates right now.
0.7269 Let's hope that the witcher series is made with the same care that the game was developed with.
0.7184 Yeah at least it's not just masturbation and fan service like the BBC ones.
0.7184 Democracy is overrated, just go conservative until you get that sweet sweet fascism.
0.6588 If it is then great!
0.6492 The stuff in OP's pic is easy, don't worry.
0.6369 https://youtu.be/UEfP1OKKz_Q British plug = best plug]
0.6369 Long term underground storage in geologically suitable areas would be the next best thing.

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-0.8885 If they think you're going to be sick or you have been sick before then fuck you pay more.
-0.8442 If you end up getting sick you're not going to be fucked over down the line, you won't be told to pay more because of pre-existing conditions.
-0.836 Using social media info to bomb a terrorist isn't unheard of.
-0.802 Napoleon died for this shit man
-0.7964 It is indeed possible but the only thing stopping it is bullshit NIMBYism.
-0.7959 But however will this sub blame Le evil tories if she does that?!
-0.7906 The vast majority of the victims of these terrorist organisations are the people local to them.
-0.7906 He also gave me shit about how I wasn't trained nearly enough in the first 3 months even though he was supposed to schedule it and cancelled the one day he did bother to schedule training.
-0.7783 Stupid spending is stupid spending regardless of income.
-0.7717 Right wing groups are banned for hate speech.
-0.765 Many right wing terrorist groups are merely suspected of being just that.
-0.7615 Yes they've got the money to spend but they're spending it for either a stupid reason or for no reason at all.