/u/ObeseMoreece is a total dick!

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0.8542 The increase in tax collected would not be the same as the increase in taxes imposed due to a greater incentive to avoid/evade taxes, especially in the top brackets.
0.7506 Yeah it's pretty weird, it's similar to how a minority of redditors have a healthy digestive system.
0.7506 And you think that the charities he will donate to aren't even real charities?
0.7425 Is it because he allowed himself to become extremely rich rather than just giving it to other people?
0.7184 You must be fun at parties.
0.7096 What could buffet do to help all of America by redistributing his wealth?
0.6486 You sound like you would be that incredibly annoying guy in the friend group and nobody is quite sure why they all still speak to him.
0.6249 The first friend needs smaller weights than normal to make them neutral as they don't have fat to make them buoyant.
0.6059 Yes I aware but as someone pointed out, their total revenue was the value mentioned in the comment, not 10% of it.
0.5984 It goes beyond some people being extremely rich.
0.5859 When less than half a percent of the country is black , their typical idea of beauty is hardly going to be someone who is black.

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-0.9247 Guns are practically banned here and we don't have a gun problem, nor do we have other violent crime problems that arose from their ban.
-0.9124 Flogging used to be a part of the British army and they used knotted leather strands, if 40 lashes with a shitty little cane can kill then any flogging would have been a death sentence.
-0.891 Are you implying that I am wrong in saying that many people believe killing is wrong?
-0.8532 What the fuck, the first 2 comments alone are so incredibly fucking obnoxious.
-0.8402 I know that banning these things is useless but that is just about the only thing that people can talk about banning without a bunch of manchildren screeching about Le evil gubbermint
-0.8271 Oh fuck off, the hatred of smoking is largely an American thing.
-0.8126 He told you that you'd be stupid to think that /pol/ or 4chan in general are ironically racist.
-0.81 I know they've hated smokers for a while but I've never seen it that bad.
-0.7668 It got started because the American colonists were entitled fuckers who didn't want to pay taxes for a war thatthe British empire faught for them.
-0.7579 The usa attacked and had their capital burnt down in retaliation by a country that was dealing with an actual enemy an ocean away.
-0.7559 The hatred for cigarettes on reddit is so fucking weird.
-0.7474 Of course the person born in 1999 will be extremely arrogant and hostile about smoking.