/u/ObeseMoreece is kind of a dick.

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0.8047 I think there were also a lot of tankies on there who dismissed any mention of Soviet atrocities but I'm pretty sure that got changed.
0.7964 It may have been largely satire at one point but as someone else said, any community that act like idiots will be flooded with real idiots who think they found good company.
0.7606 He kept saying that if he did it then it wasn't rape and that she liked that kind of stuff anyway .
0.7184 bruh ur meant to edit it to that after it gets to the top. Instead, start your comment with "I love BBC :)" then edit it :\^)
0.7152 She has done more for the united kingdom than you could hope to in 10 lifetimes.
0.7096 The Clinton foundation is unique in that it carries out charitable actions rather than being hub which directs the money to other charities for them to use the money.
0.705 That sounds bad but even suggesting something like 'Rommel was a good general' will get you dogpiled on.
0.6597 I hope you like the sub I posted then.
0.6369 I did love the French resistance leader speaking in an aristocratic English accent for the British airmen though.
0.6249 The original comment was praising FDR for his economic policies but he edited it once it got to the top to say "FDR was a socialist nigger".
0.6249 I go to Heriot-watt which is great for research in STEM and business courses .

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-0.8689 He didn't get the nickname 'The Mad King' from killing two people, he got it because he had been burning people for years for no reason.
-0.8481 I also block any weeaboo shit that appears on my page, you'd be surprised at the sheer amount of weeb subs there are, especially the hentai shit
-0.8316 Communism inevitably leads to misery and death or they can change for better or for worse .
-0.8241 I agree with the sentiment but the people can be quite annoying and hypocritical.
-0.8126 He said the latter but he kept eluding to having raped his own girlfriend.
-0.802 The fact that he killed a High lord and his Heir is what set off pre-existing tensions.
-0.8009 Hershey's uses shitty methods so you end up with something that isn't sweet and just tastes like shit.
-0.7783 The use of HFCS rather than real sugar should be punishable by death.
-0.7763 I've also seen them freak out because someone said Germany wasn't the clear cut bad guy in WW1.
-0.7717 That's the anti tankie but socialist/communist sub and they hate /r/enoughcommiespam too.
-0.7717 It's got terrible cocoa content, shitty sugar substitutes and palm oil.
-0.7506 The place that failed least at communism is probably Cuba and they're still a poor shithole.