/u/ObeseMoreece is kind of a dick.

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0.8979 Oh what a great democracy you have, where a man can win despite getting 3 million fewer votes because of an outdated system designed to benefit slave states.
0.8359 The sub that praises Hitler/the nazis and white supremacy is not a hate sub according to you. I am genuinely curious as to your reasoning for this.
0.8172 That's good, you'll be prepared in case you ever do start winning!
0.7906 Pretty sure like 90% of famous white male actors have been in black hawk down or band of brothers.
0.7783 Us Brits are a mongrel people but I don't know if that guy would agree since every party that invaded was white.
0.7519 I could not give a shit that they were born in to much more wealth than myself.
0.7506 lol you make me laugh
0.7351 Should be good fun.
0.7269 What is wrong with having the monarchy even it provides us with a fantastic figurehead and a huge family of free diplomats, all of which doesn't cost us anything?
0.7269 Why should we treat those who want to exterminate most of the species with the same amount of respect as those who don't?
0.7269 Should add that it's audiobooks I'm listening to, the narrator is fantastic and I do recommend them.

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-0.8588 No no, the reason that you're crazy is because tying a dog to the gear stick while you are driving is fucking stupid.
-0.8555 Why is it always the childish, moronic racists who insist the UK is a shithole?
-0.85 I'm sick of you people not taking this shit seriously.
-0.836 Girlsdoporn is shit tier, most of the girls in them are dead fish
-0.7964 Just a shame that she got big fake tits.
-0.7488 "we didn't do it, it was the people who took over the country until Ataturk got rid of them!" "we can't admit to doing it or admit that it happened, we'd have to pay for it and it would look bad"
-0.743 They see getting a rise out of their political opponents as a valid arguing tactic and that if their opponent gets pissed off then their own point is somehow validated.
-0.6908 And the British empire could beat the 13 colonies, the rebels lost nearly every battle.
-0.6808 Hell, how do you explain the CEO of Exxon Mobil being made Secretary of State when Exxon happens to have a deal with Russia over arctic oil drilling that was hampered by sanctions?
-0.6597 How do you explain the people who have been forced to resign over the Russia allegations?
-0.6549 /r/wholesomememes memes just comes off as extremely fake and weird.
-0.6369 This is clearly ban evasion, even if it's not specifically prohibited by the rules, it still violates the idea behind the rules, it's a loophole which should be closed.