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0.9042 Thank you for sharing your story and I wish you and your family all the best for the future.
0.9029 I'm not a Christian but let's pray the DEA will never ban Kratom, even though I don't live in the US. I'm amazed by how many peoples lives are changed by Kratom.
0.9018 Great! Definitely going to give that one a try. To me it's so interesting how different strains have such a different effect on people, good to hear that you've found a strain that works for you :).
0.8934 Haha great picture, had a laugh.
0.891 Great idea for a game, and looks pretty impressive for a one man job.
0.8549 Great, you guys have good prices too. Will be ordering from you from the future, saw your site before but you didn't have any strains I was interested in.
0.838 That's really clever and awesome!
0.8225 Wow, that's amazing :).
0.8134 For me, white strains are good for energy and motivation, green are a little more relaxing.
0.8074 Yeah that's what I figured, should be good to have on hand.
0.807 Thanks for the link, they have great prices!

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-0.8477 I know people usually say this when someone is annoyed with something small, but OCD can actually be a very severe and life changing disorder.
-0.743 I usually take a white strain for when I go to college, and green for social evens/parties, when I have a high chance of a panic attack or anxiety.
-0.5267 Dont ruin the fun :(
-0.4698 Wasn't really a serious game, we were far ahead in points, enemy team had 2 bots, had a few negev rounds, bought 3 scouts for my team and I hit this out of the blue :p.
-0.4588 This will be the picture I'll be looking at when I feel down and hopeless.
-0.3535 2 laptops that needed and msata ssd so there was no drive in the first place.
-0.3182 Now that's a cool laptop, I have a Toshiba from the same era but I don't think it works anymore, or I've lost the adapter.
-0.296 No, one new one and one old one both with only a hdd
-0.2732 Shoot me a PM if you want to talk.
-0.25 Nope, different screws, slightly smaller.
-0.2263 Although I think Reddit stopped shadowbanning, or it might be a deleted comment.
-0.2235 Steam is KamikazenerdNL, rank currently gold 1 but I got unranked after 3 months of not playing.