/u/Nullien is very positive!

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0.9636 :) The Steele one looks just like a friend of mine :P Great job :D
0.9356 :D :D :D Congrats!!!!
0.8993 :D :D Thanks a lot :333
0.8979 :) :) I will surely make more Overwatch cosplays in the future :)
0.8962 :D I sent her the link, I'm sure she'll love it!
0.896 Yeah, I know haha Next one will be fluffier :P Thanks a lot!!
0.8891 Haha, yeah, didn't make the shoes either :P Thanks!
0.8816 This is her twitter :) https://twitter.com/Eleanor_SBL/status/830856399978713088 She also made plenty of another awesome Borderlands cosplays apart from Janey :P
0.8807 Well, I'm a friendly person for sure hahaha
0.8802 This is truly amazing, thanks a lot!!
0.873 :) Thanks :D

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-0.7712 Apart from doing the diet 100% with no cheats, I specifically avoided the foods that trigger me!
-0.3595 No I don't!
-0.3595 Also I avoid specific foods that trigger me!
-0.357 I won't share anything via Reddit comments, sorry!
-0.34 If cutting unhealthy foods 100% works for you like it did for me, do it.
-0.2263 and it can be even worse, since food is everywhere, and you need to eat for, you know, surviving and stuff :P.
-0.1511 Not a single clue, sorry!
-0.1511 It's not me who you should be asking, sorry!
0.0 You should!
0.0 It's my favourite part of doing Borderlands costumes!
0.0 Did you used cosplay photos as reference?
0.0 You're right!