/u/NotQuiteASecretAcct is very positive!

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0.963 I would add some awesome applause gif and tell you how gutsy that was, but I'm just gonna say wow that's amazing and watch it again lol!
0.933 Yeah I can see why, but I think it's your dang gorgeous bum that makes them great!
0.9287 I'm a little late to the party, but wow this was awesome.
0.9117 I love this angle- it's calling for lots of kisses on such a lovely bum!
0.906 I love the lipstick, and you have a lovely kissable bum!
0.9041 Great angle of a lovely kissable bum!
0.8955 Amazing legs and a beautifully kissable bum!
0.8885 A gorgeous delicious cookie lol.
0.872 I love the encouragement and the good girls...
0.8709 Looks really quite delightful and I'd love to!
0.8687 Lovely, thanks for sharing!

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-0.2942 I don't normally go for M/S themes, but you made that too hot to miss!
-0.2313 Can't help but imaging my face there!
-0.1511 Sorry you misspelled finer!
-0.128 I also enjoyed the degrading language.
-0.1027 Haha I'm a sucker for that sort of thing
0.0 Hypnotizing!
0.0 shycdsub77@hotmail.com
0.0 I have to also say, your username is quite intriguing.
0.0 I volunteer as tribute!
0.0 I keep listening over and over.
0.0 So entrancing!
0.0 The fam has gone on a vacation trip and I had to stay home to work...