/u/NorthBoy is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9559 wow love the pose, love seeing your breasts hang like that <3
0.9454 Perfect Body, Trust me We love small boobs as much as large :D
0.9222 gorgeous, and i love the ink :D
0.9128 perfect nipples, Love little ones :D
0.9113 wow the freckles are really cute, Love em
0.8934 wow, you are truly gorgeous.
0.8834 wow this idea sounds pretty fun
0.8613 Love your bounce, so sexy
0.8519 great figure would love to see more
0.8481 great angle You've got such a great body
0.8436 wow so perfect!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.6124 damn his loss
-0.5719 no doubt about it
-0.5267 hell yeah you do
-0.4404 suck to start with maybe,,
-0.2023 god I would suck them dry
0.0 you would break...
0.0 don't look small at all
0.0 i could watch that all day
0.0 who is THAT!
0.0 Look so soft and so firm at the same time
0.0 Willing to cum to Brantford, Can host @ my place
0.0 in a heartbeat..