/u/Normiesmustpay is a total dick!

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0.7549 The average attractive and socially desirable woman isn't wasting her time on here.
0.7351 If you're attractive, feel free to hit on her anytime.
0.7043 If you spend any time with men who aren't gross numales like the entire population of reddit seems to be, you'll realize that men DO value women who aren't sluts.
0.6124 You're better at certain interpersonal interactions, which means that your social capital is higher than ours.
0.5984 Most women would fucking laugh at a penis under 7 inches.
0.5956 Dogs are loyal, kind, and don't care about how you look and act.
0.4939 Which in particular did you enjoy?
0.4939 Where I live he'd be considered pretty average.
0.4767 Better than wanting a fictional princess who'd be as boring as a rock like a fucking child.
0.4767 Well, you're a boring, bland person, your only use is as a glorified fleshlight.
0.4728 Well, good thing is that the "normies" here are probably seen as similar to incels by most of society, just with less outright confusion and more cringing.

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-0.9621 Dumb whore can go fuck herself. Her cavernous and dried up vagina is probably so loose and unpleasant that nobody's missing out anyway.
-0.9525 So it's not "casual sex made them a disgusting slut" it's "being a disgusting slut made them have casual sex."
-0.9042 Just fuck off you stupid attention whore.
-0.8591 Wtf the dumb cunt's edit was some the most cringe-worthy condescension and egotism that I have ever seen.
-0.8519 You're an annoying and stupid cunt.
-0.8519 Anybody who defends this sickening whore can go off themselves.
-0.8402 Still miserable, still lonely, still depressed, still a lifeless husk.
-0.8074 In both she's the same dumb and empty cunt.
-0.8074 So what you're saying is that the only thing standing between you and being a slut is the possibility of bad sex?
-0.8036 She'll die and become a fucking corpse just like he will, and she's going to suffer FAR more than somebody who's not leaving anything of value behind.
-0.7906 Holy shit this is disgusting.
-0.7845 You live in a fake reality, where fairly ugly people are considered average and average people are considered attractive, because you're a bunch of losers.