/u/Normiesmustpay is a total dick!

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0.8817 They might not actively despise you, but they treat you differently than they treat Chad or a high value normie.
0.7717 Becoming men would mean giving up their special female privileges.
0.7549 The average attractive and socially desirable woman isn't wasting her time on here.
0.7003 For females a good face = a good personality.
0.6486 "I was surprised to discover that all people who share one characteristic don't share all of them."
0.6478 They can extract more value from men when they are alive.
0.6249 They want to increase their societal advantages even more.
0.6124 You're better at certain interpersonal interactions, which means that your social capital is higher than ours.
0.5719 School system is set up in favor of females and hiring favors them too.
0.5719 He is a perfect example.
0.5574 Hahaha what a cuck.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9621 Dumb whore can go fuck herself. Her cavernous and dried up vagina is probably so loose and unpleasant that nobody's missing out anyway.
-0.9363 Drunk driving laws are evil and oppressive!!1!! Your internal logic is fucking stupid and contradictory.
-0.9042 Shut the fuck up stupid whore.
-0.9042 Just fuck off you stupid attention whore.
-0.8779 It's only when they find out they fucked a sub-8 that it becomes rape.
-0.875 Hell why should an African child starving in the desert be dissatisfied with their lot in life.
-0.8591 Wtf the dumb cunt's edit was some the most cringe-worthy condescension and egotism that I have ever seen.
-0.8519 You're an annoying and stupid cunt.
-0.8519 Anybody who defends this sickening whore can go off themselves.
-0.8402 Still miserable, still lonely, still depressed, still a lifeless husk.
-0.8074 Negative canthal tilt is a death sentence.
-0.8074 In both she's the same dumb and empty cunt.