/u/Normiesmustpay is kind of a dick.

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0.8883 I love how females can find a way to make incels not attacking and raping them a flaw.
0.8852 We also believe that looks help craft personality, since more attractive people are more socially desirable, leading to better social skills in general.
0.8625 Our conceptualization of romantic love definitely does not exist.
0.8526 Women absolutely cannot be blamed for their biology compelling them to desire attractive men.
0.8519 Ah yes, the tale of the short and fat chad. It's hilarious how the people here claim moral superiority while behaving like animals in heat.
0.7579 I have a healthy diet, an exercise program, do extensive skincare, and have nice clothes on the off chance that I'll need to wear them.
0.7506 They just phrased their post in a way that indicated that they cared only about the happiness of women.
0.7351 From a genetic standpoint, women should have standards in order to pass on superior genes. We need women because our nature, our basest of instincts, compels us to desire companionship and sex.
0.7269 I make sure to greet people with as close to a smile as I can muster whenever it is socially required to do so.
0.7184 It is important to remember that incels are a tiny minority who are super low value, and there are 3-4/10s who can get with women.
0.7003 Ah yes, normie humour.

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-0.9489 Women can indeed be depressed, but loneliness and suicide are largely male problems, and men are far more likely to have no social bonds or dating prospects.
-0.8934 Calling for a caliphate, demanding that incels rise up and kill or enslave all normies and females, and other forms of trolling/baiting if it's all you do.
-0.8873 Maybe I overreacted, but calling yourself a decent person while admitting to cheating annoys me.
-0.8689 I used to get death threats/pms telling me how awful I am etc etc etc, but I wouldn't even consider that bullying.
-0.8658 Acting aloof and arrogant to mask the fact that you're a pathetic, insecure little slug.
-0.8591 This is an incel fantasy, most men who get cheated on will send the whore on her way and forget about her in a month.
-0.8271 Women hate and despise us, we dislike them as a reaction to this.
-0.8225 When that pain and suffering is alleviated, you no longer have anything in common with incels.
-0.8176 I dislike lazy, stupid people.
-0.8176 If you think people posting shit online in one specific place that is meant for it is bullying, you're the real pussy.
-0.8176 We are doomed to sit here in misery and envy while billions of people live like kings.
-0.8074 By "alt girls" I assume you mean ugly attention seekers who can't make it as instagram whores.