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0.9349 I did think Coop's remark to Bobby was surprisingly scathing, but then later in the series he's spot-on with Harry's love for Josie, and Big Ed's love for Norma.
0.9315 The coconut ones are so great, I hope you like them too :)
0.9224 I love Warboy, it looks very purple in the jar, but applies as a great maroonish neutral :)
0.9106 I think the patchouli lends a hand in making it feel like a slightly "darker" scent, but overall it's very fresh and sophisticated.
0.9062 Stairway to Seven is an awesome burnished gold - I love gold eyeshadows, and it's quite unique amongst the rest of my collection :)
0.893 I was really glad that Nereids lived up to my expectations, I hope you love it, too!
0.886 I'm tempted to try their sample set out first, and would love to hear your thoughts on their other tea inspired perfumes :)
0.8854 It actually matches my current hair color pretty well so I was amused by that too, haha
0.8807 I have had a couple people mention it from several feet away, but I think that might say just as much about their amazing sense of smell as it does about the throw of the scent, haha.
0.8779 I'm wearing this one today and I love how bright it is :)
0.8718 I think I do like Native's formula better and I love their Coconut & Vanilla scent!

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-0.8555 Maybe his tears at present were more to do with how dark a time that was in his life, what with killing a dude for fake drugs and all.
-0.7269 I think it's possible that Bobby may have loved Laura at some point, but maybe that wasn't how he felt when they were investigating her murder.
-0.6908 The song is "Indian Summer" from the soundtrack to *To Kill a Mockingbird*.
-0.5411 Dude I seriously had to google search "Haus Gloi search website" in order to pull these up, how ridiculous is that?!
-0.5386 I've got: - **Warboy** on the outer lid and crease, this is totally my new go-to crease color! - **Ziggy** on the main lid - holy crap, this is *so* sparkly!!
-0.5267 Same, my stupid face is dry as heck and I can't deal anymore.
-0.5232 Couldn't help laughing over the idea of smelling like a pizza - I already get chastised on occasion for smelling like baked goods!
-0.4404 It's not coming up on their mobile site for me for some reason :(
-0.4215 My first experience with one was Firebird's Peach Tea, which I think has since been discontinued, sadly.
-0.4019 Kind of regretting that I only got these two in the smaller size bottles
-0.3595 Sorry for the delayed reply!
-0.3182 I would be disappointed to see anyone other than Tony Hale playing that iteration of Wally.