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0.9538 It sounds like it would be a hit for you, based on the notes you like! *Love Her, Love Her, Love Her: An inexorable enchantment of 3 honeys in a base of rich, smoky resins.*
0.9414 Goats are so cute, I'd love to see a photo!) Hope this helps!
0.9342 I feel like it wears pretty close to the skin - definitely a fresh, somewhat energizing scent :)
0.9331 I haven't tried Lilac and Moss yet, but I'm glad to hear your samples were a success :)
0.9274 Have you tried Love Her, Love Her, Love Her from Arcana?
0.9197 I'm imagining a bottle-green, 70s velvet couch! Thanks for providing your thoughts on this one - I love ginger so I'm excited to try it out, too :)
0.9151 Part of me can't believe I've never seen this before, while the other part knows it's because I can't deal with most country music lyrics, haha. Thanks for sharing this, it's amazing!
0.9109 I waffled too long on some of the ones I wanted and now they've been claimed by other people, but I wish you luck with your decanting :)
0.8934 I'd be happy to recommend some others you might like based on perfumes that have worked for you before :)
0.886 I'm tempted to try their sample set out first, and would love to hear your thoughts on their other tea inspired perfumes :)
0.8826 It's so adorably innocent that I initially thought it was a sign to encourage consent before petting service animals

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-0.8271 Fool me once, fool me twice, fool me chicken soup with rice.
-0.8126 What do you fear? Uncertainty; loneliness
-0.7351 What makes you sad? My anxiety; being misunderstood because I didn't explain myself properly ; comparing myself to others /3.
-0.6476 No worries!
-0.6381 In the more figurative sense, I'd have to say it disgusts me to see people generalize about a group/type of people that aren't like them. /5.
-0.5994 Maybe it's the type that gets drowned out by other notes for some reason?
-0.5801 I'm not convinced this isn't the puppet-Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
-0.5106 What makes you angry? Seeing others mistreated; being told what to do, *especially* if I'm already doing it /4.
-0.4767 What disgusts you? I'm mysophobic, so in a literal sense, germs and bacteria.
-0.4574 I'm regretting not picking up a bottle of this while the Resurrection event was going on!
-0.4404 I liked this after that note calmed down, but it smelled very similar to Apples Crave Terror from Arcana, so I ended up destashing my sample at some point.
-0.4215 Sadly, that smell didn't translate over onto my skin, where this basically smelled like...kind of musty green stems?