/u/NoEscapingGravity is very positive!

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0.9393 Beautiful shots, great use of natural light on your awesome body.
0.8966 There's some great faceless bodies here, but your post is the kind I really like.
0.8519 Great vid, one of the best I've seen here.
0.8402 I love your posts, your body is just amazing to look at.
0.836 Great song, amazing bod.
0.8221 Magnificent set of pics, you're a really sexy ent.
0.8074 and your post history is pretty awesome.
0.7964 That's the best way to relax.
0.7906 Thanks, great find.
0.7845 Pretty perfect.
0.784 I hope you get all your holes filled today, Happy Birthday!

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-0.5423 Daaaamn that ass.
-0.5423 Incredible ass and tummy.
-0.5267 Two peanuts were walking down the street. One was assaulted.
-0.4767 He was real, breathing and crying in my face.
-0.2755 Just wanted to chime in that I couldn't agree more.
-0.1779 People who spend $8+ for some 'magic' orange cleaner at their local head shop are crazy.
-0.1779 Your pussy is as nice as your ass.
-0.1419 I don't like him either, but the home crowd does.
-0.0534 Your ass is so sweet.
0.0 Twenty one pilots - Car Radio.
0.0 Quality post.
0.0 Amaaazing red bush.