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0.9591 I don't have the means to help, but I wanted to just say that this is a really fun idea and I hope the very best for you guys!
0.9371 Great idea, with a fun and playful design and great implementation.
0.9359 I'm new to the fun, and would love to make friends with some folk with far more wisdom than I.
0.9215 It's a real gift to the community, and I hope that you feel wonderful knowing how many people are enjoying it already!
0.9022 Thank you for going out of your way to introduce a fun, healthy new hobby to kids who need something positive in their lives.
0.8955 Thank you for making it free to enjoy, and an extra big thank you for doing so without ads!
0.8748 Keep letting that enthusiasm shine! If it's not too late to throw you a question: what would you say would be the best route for an absolute beginner to get a taste of the benefits of yoga?
0.8674 There's still plenty more of a way to go, but it's progress, and we gotta celebrate the steps along the way
0.8442 Ignorance must be bliss. I can appreciate that you feel strongly on the subject here, and wholly respect your views.
0.836 I just want to say that I love your enthusiasm, eagerness to answer questions, and I have no idea why this got downvoted.
0.8316 Imagine how much fun people would have, being able to set up cute pictures of their buddy pokemon chillaxing on their couch, or joining them in whatever activities they like to do.

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-0.6597 But even so, there are just some things we would rather do discreetly, and there's nothing shady or deviant or evil about that.
-0.6418 But is it really necessary to state them so hatefully?
-0.6249 I meant calling the spirituality op has built their career around rude things, and then implying that they're ignorant for believing them.
-0.5719 A fucked up murder filled treat, but still
-0.5423 Forgive me if I was mistaken and interpreted that intention wrong
-0.4767 Everyone shits.
-0.4588 Holy crap, is that movie ever hard to watch.
-0.4404 That video is physically painful to watch.
-0.296 No change, I'm afraid.
-0.2263 You're all too important to lose.
-0.2183 I would subscribe to that so hard.
-0.0258 10/10, would recommend Grave of the Fireflies all day long