/u/NimRoderick is very positive!

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0.9183 But it can feel really nice to know that there's one sub we can always go to where the vibes are positive, people are nice to each other, and we can leave feeling better than when we came in.
0.891 It's true that a fair amount of what's posted there can be pretty low effort, and I've noticed too that some feels like a bid to get easy upvotes.
0.8737 What does a more positive and comfortable version of you look like?
0.8649 That definitely gives me a reason to keep an eye on that, and try to be more appreciative of what I've done well instead of frumpy over things I didn't. Thank you for sharing this!
0.8553 I wanna beeeee the giant awesome cool thing. [This is a thing]) that feels promising, though!
0.8442 I frequently find myself wondering why there don't seem to be any good games that let you play something cool like a dragon or monster as the main experience.
0.831 Clever, effective and very well executed!
0.8201 I may be personally super biased, but if you're gonna have an awesome monster race thing, then why only go part way?
0.8172 Oh wow, congrats!
0.8165 You made at least one person chuckle, making their day a little brighter, so feel good about that!
0.807 Thank you for creating such a fun response!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7096 There's no obligation, no pressure, and no invalidation of the fact that it's okay to feel cruddy sometimes.
-0.6705 The spiral has been snapped and the momentum of negativity has been interrupted.
-0.6259 I've heard nothing but amazing things about it.
-0.5719 Letting myself be negative about it can have an effect on more than just me.
-0.5719 /r/hoothootmilk I'll just leave this here for all your "what the fuck am I looking at" needs
-0.5719 A fucked up murder filled treat, but still
-0.5574 Guild wars 2.
-0.5574 The shit I put up with." That face says it all
-0.5574 Holy shit. Wow..
-0.5574 I often find that after a little while doing this little exercise, I don't feel nearly as crappy at all.
-0.5267 I figured someone fell off something and got hurt or whatever.
-0.4767 So much of Reddit, even the humor, is overwhelmingly negative.