/u/NeonDisease is kind of a dick.

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0.9015 "You're not affiliated with any news agencies?" Nope, just a law abiding private citizen, exercising the rights and freedoms this great country is so proud of.
0.8519 Nobody who supports The Great Wall of Mexico would actually be willing to help construct it themselves.
0.7259 yeah, the Feds cannot maintain their "no medical benefit" classification when *over 50% of the country allows it to be used as medicine.*
0.7096 Good luck, I must have submitted my resume to a few thousand places over the past year and I haven't even gotten a call back.
0.6643 "but he's rude!" Well, number 1, that's a subjective personal opinion. And number 2, legally, *his manners are irrelevant*.
0.6093 Yeah, it's not the lifelong criminal record that keeps you from finding a job, it's the one afternoon you spent high when you were 20.
0.576 I won't hope for it, but I won't spare any pity if that's how things play out.
0.5514 it makes me feel like I'm living in Bizzarro World or taking crazy pills or something. Like, how can reality be so fucking BACKWARDS????
0.4939 The government will never spend $100 now to save $10,000 later.
0.4717 if the cops haven't done anything wrong, they should have nothing to hide.
0.4637 I'm also from CT. You can refuse a FST without penalty, but refusing a blod/breath/urine/etc test is an automatic 6 month license suspension, regardless of sobriety.

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-0.9501 it should be a crime for a sworn law enforcement officer to misrepresent the law. If the officer is lying about X being illegal, then I cannot trust him when he says Y or Z is illegal.
-0.886 If I get a bad reference for quitting without 2 weeks notice, I'm going to tell my next job that I left due to an unprofessional work environment if I get fired without 2 weeks notice.
-0.8568 no, they shot him dead because they're craven little cowards who "fear for their life" when they see their own shadow.
-0.8442 Pizza guys actually get in trouble if they go to the wrong address and kill an innocent person.
-0.8393 We can handle criticism, they cannot. Those "brave heroes" need their safe space where they don't have to hear any mean word from the people they victimize every day.
-0.8245 both u/snefsky and /u/10-6 are cowards who cannot handle anyone challenging their worldview. Thats why they ban us even through we don't ban them.
-0.7506 I want to see the judge who issued the warrant suffer the same indignities that this family suffered.
-0.743 What's the difference between a cop and a criminal? It's legal to defend yourself when a criminal takes all of your money by the roadside.
-0.6997 The cops are more dangerous than the people they arrest.
-0.6966 I wonder how the COPS would react to having THEIR home violently invaded by armed strangers??? Think they'd lay down their guns and prostrate themselves on the hallway floor?
-0.696 so we should obey out of fear, not respect?
-0.6705 I wonder what these bootlickers would be saying if it was a *cop* that got killed in his own home by people who didn't belong there...