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0.8694 If the officer truly thought he didn't do anything wrong, why did he lie? Do innocent people usually try to cover up exonerating evidence???
0.8302 Phineas Gage - survived a huge metal rod being blasted entirely through his freakin' head!!!! It is amazing the level of trauma the human body can survive.
0.765 People say this is a free country, but if possessing a plant can cause an armed raid of your home, you're not really free.
0.7618 Like the cops themselves like to say, "if you haven't done anything wrong, you should have nothing to hide".
0.7217 Give me a million dollars and I promise I won't murder anyone; I will retire to a small, private house in the woods.
0.6369 There is SOME amount of money that will convince someone who knows something to speak up. Maybe you wouldn't turn in your best friend for $10,000 but maybe you would for $100,000.
0.6239 Oh wow, a whole month off of work, that'll teach him!
0.5859 It's amazing how durable, yet flimsy we are.
0.5848 Yeah, this teenager should be 100% calm and rational while she watches her father convulse on the kitchen floor!
0.5784 Isn't the Drug War amazing? Look at how much damage ONE corrupt actor can do.
0.5559 Makes me wonder why these people haven't been killed by the disgruntled family member of one of their victims...

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-0.9531 I really hate how the drunk driver is usually the one to survive. Some poor guy has his life stolen from him because this bitch was too lazy/stupid to call a cab/friend/uber/etc
-0.9359 What he did was incredibly stupid. That being said, I feel it's equally wrong to ruin a young person's life forever because they did something stupid once.
-0.9153 Why are cops behaving in a manner that they would consider criminal? In this same situation, a cop could have "feared for his life" and shot the aggressors dead.
-0.8957 We're so inconsistent about how we allow people to hurt themselves. Smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day until you die of cancer?
-0.872 If a cop can "fear for his life" and legally kill an unarmed suspect, it should be legal to shoot a cop that's literally breaking your bones for no good reason.
-0.8707 I wouldn't wish a no-knock raid on my worst enemy.
-0.8481 The Drug War causes the police to create violence and conflict where none existed - my experiences prove it.
-0.8442 Hell, people have literally cheered and clapped for fathers who have killed their daughter's molester. The person who kills this woman should be hailed as a hero.
-0.836 At least you found out BEFORE you wasted years on her. It might hurt a bit now, but it would hurt a lot more later.
-0.8225 They're dumb enough that they expect us to believe they're cowards instead of cold-blooded killers.
-0.7964 Damn, wrongfully accusing someone of stealing is an insta-fired for many retail positions.
-0.7944 Yup, it'll cost the company at least a few hundred bucks to prosecute you for stealing a $5 item. To many companies, it's not worth the money/effort.