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0.8654 "Treat others the way you want to be treated." It's pretty funny how cops don't like being treated the way they treat others.
0.8311 Yep. If you truly think our system functions as "innocent until proven guilty", then all I can say is, congratulations on never being accused of a crime.
0.6908 Every time I see stuff like this, I'm amazed humanity has made it as far as we have already.
0.6486 Yeah, i have a few friends who don't drive and therefore dont have any sort of physical ID card.
0.6113 this cop's family must be so proud of him.
0.6041 Exactly, prosecutors are people who steal freedom for non-violent, victimless offenses. Asking them to show a little bit of integrity is like asking a shark not to eat fish.
0.5994 that looks like a cheesy prop from a high school play.
0.5719 You know who else was probably a wonderful guy at home? John Wayne Gacy.
0.5553 I've never been sued. Then again, I've never used violence to enforce my opinion on someone either!
0.5106 i dunno, if every dog i ever met bit me, id be a lot less likely to feel comfortable around dogs...
0.4939 I have a lawyer friend who is just waiting for the day I get footage of a crooked cop in action.

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-0.9262 Because what the fuck am I supposed to do, place the cop under Citizen's Arrest for lying about probable cause and conducting an illegal search??? It doesn't matter what the law actually says.
-0.9138 "Cops are heroes!" Terrorizing a young man to the point that he feels that suicide is his only option is not heroic.
-0.8826 It's proof that "just obey the law and you have nothing to fear" is bullshit. A mere accusation can destroy your life and bankrupt you.
-0.8625 No, I think the prosecutors who relentlessly pursue charges in these situations are the problem. These fucks want to ruin a child's life to benefit their own career.
-0.8283 maybe he realized he was sick and WANTED to get caught? Or he's just INCREDIBLY stupid.
-0.8176 Who do you think prosecutes people when they get accused of a crime?
-0.7992 You would be amazed at how cheap thrift store customers are. They can want something bad enough to commit fraud, but not bad enough to pay $0.75 more, it's baffling.
-0.7785 "Let me search you!" "But...you literally just said I don't have to let you search me!" "I don't care, let me do it or I'll throw you in prison for years!"
-0.7701 Exactly, I'm not a mind-reader, if something is wrong, I can't do anything unless I know about the problem!!!
-0.7651 We learned in kindergarten that violence is not an acceptable response to being called names. Why has this cop not seemed to grasp such a basic concept???
-0.7579 You could lose control and hit someone. Nobody is going to accidentally walk into my house and accidentally get a contact high.
-0.7506 If you punish every single kid because one misbehaved, why don't you give every single kid an A+ because one kid studied hard?