/u/Nakedferengi is kind of a dick.

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0.9566 You are brave for just groping your friends breast, I mean wow, like not a good brave, a weird slightly creepy brave.
0.9246 I like people with working legs, because that's what a competent human being looks like to me, someone who is physically capable of what I am capable of, I need that to find someone attractive.
0.8834 I asked because it would help to know for sure that you were drugged, and also for your own safety, to make sure you're ok.
0.8555 Haha I'm pretty confident it wasn't meee.
0.7096 If you truly want some help then perhaps post a pic.
0.6705 The case I'm referring to is a 2013 case of a Scottish transman, who I'm pretty sure was penetrating girls in the dark with a dildo if I remember correctly.
0.6705 So if the woman is dying, and they can save either her or the baby, and she is deemed competent to make a decision, can she choose her own life?
0.6705 He looks like a cute baby cub.
0.6486 Ok if you're sure, I admit I don't know much about balding.
0.6369 Keep your links, you think cat owners don't do basic research to figure out what's best for their cat?
0.6369 Cash offer it is, thank you for your help.

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-0.9657 How fucking insulting to people that actually get raped, wth is wrong with idiotic moronic fuckheads like you.
-0.9442 Also don't throw the word rape around for shock value, it's insulting to actual victims of rape.
-0.9062 What is this loser retarded shit.
-0.9001 It is rape, or at least 'sex by fraud' and has placed someone on the sex offenders register not too long ago.
-0.8927 Fuck you girl that got deceptively fucked by a dildo, you don't matter, better not seem transphobic!
-0.8689 Cats killing small animals is nature, they were made to do that, taking that away from them is fucked up.
-0.8442 No split second lag, no ugly UI.
-0.8442 You realise it's just one person who is ignorant about sexuality because they see it from their own point of view, but to label it rape advocation is just bizarrely ott.
-0.8427 That's not fair I didn't raise him this way, I taught him respect for women and animals, one day he just started raping and killing I think he gets it from his dad /u/rileyhuh
-0.8225 My week has just been full of death and destruction.
-0.8001 No one is forcing men on you, why are you so strangely overdramatic, what kind of mentally unbalanced person watches this video and feels an attack on their sexuality.
-0.7845 Here they all wear terrible clothes and the ugliest shoes.