/u/Myassisforyou is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.906 Ha that's awesome :) thank you!
0.872 Lol thanks, I'd love the same pic when your done with me
0.784 Ha I'd love to try too!
0.765 Fits perfect thanks
0.7559 Nah it was really fun :)
0.7506 Thanks want to take care of it?
0.7096 Thanks laser :)
0.6705 Thank you :)
0.6705 Glad you like it
0.6486 Lol thank you
0.6369 I'd love to see someone cover me...

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.636 pm your next messy load you shoot!
-0.5423 Bad camera.....
-0.3612 Um no sorry Married & 27
-0.3597 Not really no.
-0.2866 It was a bit of a stretch, so intense though when I was getting fucked just after like this with it in still xo
-0.2411 Here it is - and album https://imgur.com/a/8s3fi not sure of brand
-0.0772 Nope sorry for that, married 27f
0.0 It's a bit of a Workout room if you know what I mean
0.0 What would you do first?
0.0 We've got it...
0.0 It's cold out here
0.0 Keep an eye out for it popping up more and more