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0.891 Ok, we will post them up soon, what is the best way to post an album or best place to upload video?
0.872 Ha thank you :) Google our username for more :) xox
0.836 Ha yep sure is :)
0.836 That sounds perfect I'd love to see his face when your using me
0.8271 Yes please sounds perfect, in this position?
0.8271 Yes please that sounds perfect
0.8126 Thanks glad you like them
0.8126 That's the best bit :) leave her a mess thanks
0.8074 Yes please she loves it rougher, rough hard from behind is her favourite
0.784 Great work, I get wet like that too!
0.7717 Thank you, we would love to hear what you have planned for her

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5423 To have my ass fucked.....
-0.296 Tumblr has become a bit of a nuisance with no adult video uploads allowed...
-0.2481 Nah sorry never heard of that place!
-0.1779 [Holly Daze Coffey - Her Instagram ]
-0.0941 Watch it doesn't go on the floor, actually with all the cum drippinng out of me by the end of the night it shouldn't matter!
0.0 I was looking for a lid so your close!
0.0 with anything.
0.0 What would you have for me?
0.0 A little...
0.0 Check our Tumblr - myassisforyou.tumblr.com or google myassisforyou for all our stuff
0.0 Tell us more.....
0.0 Lick it all up