/u/Myassisforyou is very positive!

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0.9467 Thanks for the awesome reply :) that's sounds like a lot of fun!!
0.9136 Glad you like :) would love to know what you would do with her
0.872 Lol thanks, I'd love the same pic when your done with me
0.8442 Ha thank you, I'd love to have you lick it all up
0.8398 Thank you :) it's pretty hey!
0.8126 Thanks I like to taste it too :)
0.784 Ha thank you that would be interesting!
0.784 Ha I'd love to try too!
0.7506 Thanks want to take care of it?
0.7351 Thank you perfect position for it
0.6908 Ha sounds fun for all of us

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-0.636 pm your next messy load you shoot!
-0.5994 No problem
-0.3612 Um no sorry Married & 27
-0.3597 Not really no.
-0.0772 Nope sorry for that, married 27f
0.0 Full album - https://imgur.com/a/8s3fi
0.0 Nope not yet for me
0.0 Both for you
0.0 Married 27 thanks...
0.0 Just the one sharpie?
0.0 Cum as many times as you need
0.0 PM any tribute you like...