/u/Myassisforyou is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.886 Thanks glad you like it :)
0.886 Ha yes the next bit was fun :)
0.8658 Yes please if I stay like this can you take care of me?
0.8346 Tell us what you like best please!!!!
0.807 Message :) xoxo can't wait to hear!
0.7783 Nice ideas ;)) xoxo
0.7402 Hope me dripping wet didn't ruin the photo!
0.7003 A nice view from behind :)
0.6705 Thank you :) xo
0.6705 One of the best ever - creaming all over, we just want to lick it all up
0.6688 Ha thank you!!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.3612 Can't wait I'll be messy
0.0 Sounds naughty!
0.0 Oh really?!
0.0 I'll get hubby to film it all
0.0 I'd rather watch hubby eat it all up once your done
0.0 I know you would
0.0 I'll get hubby to lick it all up
0.0 I'll make hubby film then
0.0 I'll have to get hubby to film
0.0 I'll make hubby film you all filling me up
0.0 I'll have to make hubby lick it all up
0.0 We'd lick that all up for you