/u/Mustaka is a total dick!

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0.836 pretty sure cosby should face justice.
0.8074 Now he is best friends with everyone he meets.
0.7845 Once I started that never had an incident again. I wish you the best with Hank I really do.
0.7845 When I could sorta understand what he was saying to me then I could best help him.
0.7778 Laughing at you idiots is much more fun.
0.7621 Rescuing my guy and all the work that went into him being what he is now was just so rewarding and so worth it.
0.7579 The RSPCA was brilliant in support.
0.7184 For a hurt dog like my pit bull I found the calming signals one the best.
0.7048 At least I am not a racist cunt.
0.7003 Pretty clear what he is saying.
0.7003 This comedy is fun to watch. Continue on.

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-0.939 Are you so fucking stupid that owning a fat ass and a vagina means you can fuck shit up is even a concept in your head?
-0.9382 How is it misogyny that some stupid cunt wants to damage another persons property with her fat ass and he says no?
-0.9319 No offense intended but fuck me you as a nation fucked up by just putting those two idiots forward.
-0.9306 How fucking big is your pussy pass that you aim to dismiss a crime you took a photo of? One of the crap things about being a mod of this shit ass sub is knowing she is getting a pussy pass.
-0.91 So you actually think as your mod tag says you are an ex muslim and you as an athiest support 4 men need to witness a rape for it to become a rape. I call bullshit.
-0.9038 So I can fire my CSS Mod who is a drunk Marine now? Fucker is wet and useless.
-0.8934 That you are such a beta fuck you are stupid and thirsty enough to even consider marrying some dumb cunt who was only smart enough to take gender studies.
-0.8847 Username checks out but fucks up logic. EDIT 1 : I just argued logic with a ghost.
-0.8834 What does your dumb fuck ass think is appropriate? Lets talk about if that photo was of your daughter or mother.
-0.8834 What the fuck is wrong with you that you use the word retarded.
-0.8834 The person raped should be expected to be whipped if she does not manage to have four witnesses to her rape. 2.
-0.872 No fucker is hurt so just let them at it.