/u/Mustaka is kind of a dick.

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0.8625 She has never once responded to the situation but one must think that the neat and clean way that 2x is 'breaking the spirit of reddit' has come from advice from her.
0.8126 All god fun :)
0.7871 All we want to do is have hugs without being called rapists.
0.7579 Fantastic community and you will get better answers than mine.
0.743 Rally points / march routes / deconfliction / city asset points are all agreed by all parties. 3.
0.7269 Always makes me laugh when I see something like this.
0.7178 But most importantly is if you want friends and family never ever advise them other than to point them in the right direction to do research.
0.7146 That to me is much more fun. Ah well.
0.7096 Good luck.
0.6808 A good chunk of what I am interested in we could not talk about, basically anything science. 2.
0.6759 So he said wait 4 weeks for your insides to settle a bit then he will remove it. So currently the connection between bowel and bladder is still there, just not infected and nasty.

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-0.9524 Both sides are violent and willing to escalate to achieve their own selfish aims. Punishing people for hate speech is useless simply because people on both sides define it differently.
-0.8689 Communists just do their killing in batches. Khmer Rouge Killing Fields
-0.8402 On public property I have no right to force my hatred on you or anyone else I disagree with.
-0.8402 Get fucked with your shitty sub.
-0.8207 The more the left fights it on the ground and in the media will serve to only Stresiand Effect the hell out of it.Trump's speech put the nail in that coffin.
-0.8126 Calling someone part of the alt-right has connotations of racism and bigotry and is meant as an insult even if someone is just right leaning.
-0.8126 How many of the Antifa people turned up with riot shields and weapons for last weekends protests or did they just find them on the ground.
-0.8074 Can't wait for when they have to get jobs and they have criminal affiliations with a terrorist group.Will be on the top of my list to not hire...right along side the alt-right idiots.
-0.802 I hate homeopathy and anti-vaxers because pseudo science kills people, mostly children.
-0.802 We at PPD get harassed and vilified constantly as a hate group.
-0.796 The repeal of Section 13 was done because leaving it in was dangerous not because anybody wants more hate speech.
-0.7906 In my private home I can sure as hell say stay away I hate you nutjobs.