/u/Mustaka is kind of a dick.

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0.8885 Gentle leaders give you great control on your dog,any bread,until you can control them basically. For you reaching out for help says enough to me.
0.887 The disconnect is so great it describes modern feminism perfectly.
0.8397 Brave is brave but the most effective tool in this situation is the tank.
0.8126 yes exactly. I have to admit I have always envied and admired bush pilots and their special skill set.
0.802 Like tiny in fit in your hand tiny.
0.7269 Pretty good one too.
0.7184 Good friends step up.
0.7063 It looks like she looses more than she wins. Also as an Employer the second any employee brings a law suit their employment is untenable.
0.7003 The old saying, "Better Safe Than Sorry".
0.7003 Once the behavior is corrected it is instant, 'Doggo Come, Good Boy'. For walks if your Shepard is getting away from you instead of a prong collar or e-collar use a gentle leader.
0.6705 Looks like you are Golden :)

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-0.9382 No bots allowed. Also wtf are you arguing with a bot you dumb cunt?
-0.9001 Hitler was a cunt of the highest order no one will disagree with that, unless you are a racist i suppose.
-0.8885 I should ban Your ass from PPD for lurking our sub you freak.
-0.8885 When she hits the wall and her fake boobs look terrible, or worse than they do now, no education she will find a beta or a porn contract or both.
-0.8824 This sub was the very first to mock dumb cunts of both genders....
-0.8807 No need to go suicide mode . This is bad soldiering.
-0.8402 Basic flight. This ass killed a spitfire by trying to show off.
-0.836 I would rather lose a debate and learn something than be afraid to participate for fear of getting banned.
-0.8083 BOOM perfect murder. I am allergic to all morphine based drugs so heroin addict is out for me.
-0.7947 Both him and his dog are living with me. When I got my guy he was very fear aggressive to other dogs which was a problem as he is not a small pitty.
-0.7845 He was licking this mostly dead kitten who was screaming at him.
-0.7845 Haters got to hate right...