/u/Mustaka is kind of a dick.

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0.8698 The comedy is strong with you great people. http://i.imgur.com/oCoABOL.png Ops post is not going to reach record high on reports.
0.8402 I wish you the best as well.
0.7845 The best person to help you is you and only you can choose to do that.
0.7003 Take what you need and leave the rest. Honest opinion reading your post is you need help.
0.5859 Just the notion that you think a non peer reviewed writers is worth anything is funny.
0.5574 All the positive responses were of course by PM.
0.5267 We had prepared CSS to make it look like the SRS idiots had control.
0.5106 On the bow you could be in free fall.
0.5106 Have fun debating. EDIT: some reports to this comment.
0.5106 We know on earth from the tops of our clouds to the bottom of our oceans there is life.
0.5106 Posting here you are seeking validation and nothing more which means you are lacking confidence.

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-0.9337 Stop being a dumb lazy useless whore.
-0.9274 Dumb fuck is around water all his career and he still manages to burn his dumb ass.
-0.926 You should all maybe look at your own lives and try to figure out why you feel the need to go online and tell bad people why they're bad people. You dumb cunt.
-0.9118 No details on what to expect when we got there. Walking through the airport fully geared up and stinking real bad, so bad you cannot smell yourself anymore was surreal.
-0.8658 With your flawed logic it is okay to assault police if you weigh 100 pounds and own a vagina. Kinda the definition of a pussy pass you dumb fuck.
-0.8442 'Is' a bad motherfucker.
-0.8442 No passport, no money, no clue what was going on back home other than what I knew, which was fuck all. Maybe 18 months later I got a letter from him.
-0.8442 Had news agencies contacting reddit and myself over it, job offers, gofundme shit etc. Thing is the fake firing was only an initial stage on the long troll.
-0.836 You stupid fucks only have your selves to blame.
-0.8126 We were deployed but in no danger.
-0.8126 I think it is funny as fuck the only horses you dumb fuck Americans had in the race were clinton and trump.
-0.7845 Thought you might like to see the reports on your comment fot shits and giggles. user reports: 1: This bitch is salty 3: Idiot 3: Salty