/u/Mrs_gault is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8957 Aw, but I love your comments :)
0.836 That's sweet, thanks :)
0.8271 lol how considerate of you :)
0.8271 You may have gotten downvoted, but I still appreciate the compliment.
0.8176 The best part about your pictures is that it shows how much fun you have taking them.
0.8172 Compliments are always welcome, thank you!
0.8158 Most definitely, beautiful!
0.7712 Thanks, greeneyes :) You're pretty damn hot yourself!
0.7568 Sweet, thanks!!
0.7506 Aw, you are too kind :)
0.7506 Glad you like it ;)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6249 When you miss Gif Friday, you go Fuck Me Boot Friday.
-0.5423 Ass man right there.
-0.3595 You need no introduction!
-0.3089 Can't help what?
-0.2755 It never gets old, thank you.
-0.128 I think it's actually supposed to fit over the nipples, but...eh no one's complaining.
0.0 How big are we talking?
0.0 Edit: [Preggo boobs]
0.0 This one I got at spicylingerie.com.
0.0 There is something about hotel rooms that gets me in the mood right away.
0.0 I'll include it next time.
0.0 Victoria's Secret.