/u/Mrs_gault is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8868 This is so cute and fun :)
0.882 Lots of lovely ladies here, but thanks :)
0.8748 That's a great compliment - thank you!
0.8689 Ha, that's a good gif :) Thank you
0.8636 XD Awesome.
0.8497 Lol, I am so NOT funny :)
0.8271 Wow, beautiful.
0.7959 Thanks, beautiful!
0.7901 Love that smile!
0.784 Pretty and sexy!
0.7644 It's lovely, thank you so much!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.4926 Such a dirty mind!
-0.3595 No such thing!
-0.3412 See above about not being funny.
-0.296 I should get some to match, no?
-0.0772 Sorry about last week...
-0.0074 That would be sweet if it wasn't so funny.
0.0 Aww...thank you!
0.0 Here's a proper view: https://m.imgur.com/o4ldLnw
0.0 Merci beaucoup
0.0 That is a mouthful!
0.0 Pics or it didn't happen.
0.0 [NSFW]