/u/Mrs_gault is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8398 Kaner, if you see this, here's a good luck kiss!
0.8347 That's so nice, thank you :)
0.7959 Thanks for a beautiful drawing!
0.7906 That's actually a great idea, thanks.
0.7906 Haha, yes please.
0.7906 Lol you are crazy, comrade, but I love you.
0.7845 Beautiful :)
0.7804 Wow, the translucency of the dress is drawn so well!
0.7717 Aw thanks, but I can think of someone else deserving of that award.
0.767 You are so thoughtful and sweet.
0.7579 And lots of wisdom to share ;)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5983 Those colors, holy shit!
-0.4767 Ah that song brings back memories of my 8th grade dance when I had broken up with my boyfriend.
-0.296 Basketball...yeah no one is going to believe that.
-0.296 Aw, no need for name-calling.
-0.2023 And thank you for imagining a face...I know that's a pain.
0.0 My work is done here.
0.0 I'll ask him.
0.0 Or the opposite?
0.0 You said boobage.
0.0 That's a lot of posts...
0.0 I don't get it?
0.0 Why don't you just ask me?