/u/Mrs_gault is very positive!

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0.9209 It doesn't normally occur to me to think about this, but when I do think about it and ask myself "I wonder if he has...", I feel pretty confident the answer is yes.
0.8172 You're a sweetheart, thanks!
0.8111 More like enjoying catching y'all staring ;)
0.7906 lol I love that you asked for this.
0.7901 Wow, thanks!
0.7901 Thanks, lovely!
0.7717 Thank you, I love hearing that.
0.7506 Sweet and sexy at the same time.
0.743 Glad you enjoyed my little reverie.
0.7351 Thanks u/40yearoldmilf, that was a fun one.
0.7269 Thanks, handsome.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5719 Like most, I'm my own worst critic and scrutinize every detail.
-0.5202 Hard to be terribly disappointed when the sex is already so good.
-0.471 You can't *not* feel sexy in a trench coat and heels!
-0.3595 Mamma Mia, Che Bella!
-0.3595 Oh no, I can't do this exercise at the gym!
-0.296 Umm, hmm No.
-0.296 No, this is one of u/Taoistfun's posts.
-0.2714 You remind me of the boy in French class who would answer every question with "auberge de jeunesse!" And a grin to die for.
-0.2263 pepsi_next keeps stealing my karma, lol
0.0 [Individual shots]
0.0 "danke" "schoen"
0.0 Is [this] what you meant?