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0.9637 The game is seriously wonderful and great to play coop with friends :) Portal 1 was really lovely too!
0.8975 I have seen some really nice desktops on /r/rainmeter but I like a very clean and abstract look and most of the top submissions are too 'busy' for me...
0.8748 This is a test!' print '' print '' And this seems to work perfectly. thank you for your time :)
0.8748 Thank you very much for all your help, you really saved me from a serious headache :)
0.8615 I will definitely install it when I feel more comfortable :)
0.8442 Since you're the only one who entered, you're the winner of this giveaway :) Send me your tradelink in a PM please.
0.8201 Might give it a try on my Windows partition, but I prefer the clean look that I have right now :)
0.8126 Thank you for this giveaway though and good luck to everyone else.
0.8074 Thank you very much for your responce though, it saved me from having a headache :)
0.802 Is there any way that I can "get this string"? E: Thank you for your help already :)
0.802 Apparently 28K lines is not that much and it is perfectly possible to put in a dictionary :)

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-0.4767 Or is my Js looking in the wrong directory?
-0.4767 I've broken my Ubuntu twice already...
-0.4404 this giveaway is madness.
-0.298 Thank you for this insane giveaway OP!!
-0.296 No explanation needed
-0.2732 I look for the first appearance of GENESIS and then cut the text until EXODUS so that I have a smaller piece to work with.
-0.1779 Maby consider some security, you never know what could go wrong at am event.
-0.1531 No problem, I recommend going to /r/wallpaper and /r/wallpapers and just browse top all and some of the wallpaper-dump posts...
-0.128 I also thought of cutting the text in different chapters.
0.0 It is purely marketed to gamers and it is mostly used for gaming.
0.0 What laptop model is that?
0.0 I'll have to change the save-location in my pythonscript then.