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0.9131 I wish I enjoyed hockey when there was really powerful, strong rivalries.
0.7845 I do think the Wild have some of the best blended strengths in the league, along with Columbus.
0.743 But because, I am enlightened by my intelligence.
0.6908 CBJ-MIN was one of my favorite games this year for a multitude of reasons, mini-brawl, high scoring and intensity the entire game, I wish we could catch some of that in a bottle now.
0.6597 I was curious what you guys thought, my friend and I were arguing over whether taking the high road is an option, whether it's a good thing or not.
0.6249 Oh great, this sub is going to be weed posts for months.
0.6249 Because this flyer for all I can tell sure united people.
0.601 It might not be illegal but it sure is greasy.
0.5574 Remember when Versteeg got his nose busted by some random swede last year hahaha
0.5509 I saw so much more passion from Pittsburgh-Baltimore in the NFL than Calgary-Edmonton or Islanders-Rangers
0.5423 Ducks play a grinding game and they're doing well.

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-0.8686 I'm from America but my family is from Sweden and I speak Swedish and I think making this a pissing match is stupid.
-0.802 Poor bastard, that looks like it hurts
-0.7906 Clap bombs, fuck moms, wheel, snipe, and fuckin celly boys fuck
-0.7655 I get where you're coming from with "staged" but those punches seemed thrown with really, really bad intentions.
-0.7343 Not that I long for shattered skulls, but at least for the Wild when we play our most hated teams it might just get slightly chippier.
-0.7184 kids fuckin dirt nasty man.
-0.7003 Creating an atmosphere of contempt and fear. What were they thinking?
-0.6956 I haven't posted much on reddit recently but apparently I said something classless about Tkachuk and have millions of downvotes but fuck Tkachuk regardless am I right
-0.6808 No no no, only one of us gets to have the persecution complex
-0.6597 Unfortunately that is now a minor penalty
-0.6597 When Parise and Miller collided and weren't moving I thought it was a tragedy
-0.6369 I am still pissed about Nyquist