/u/MrHanckey is kind of a dick.

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0.7474 These military prisons are actually quite alright, much nicer conditions to any other prison and even freedom to roam around.
0.6486 My family is almost entirely in the police business, and I started supporting Trump due to his policies that would help our security problem in Brazil.
0.5859 Kind of obvious that only kurds and loyalists will appreciate the moderation, it says a lot about their purpose and moderation role here.
0.5598 Maybe that's why /r/enoughsandersspam never became a thing there, yet this sub is so popular with bernies.
0.5574 The rules on this sub are fair to their beliefs, as the rules there are fair to their's beliefs.
0.5423 Kind of fun that OP there complained about brigading from /r/The_Donald after cross posting his thread on /r/EnoughTrumpSpam for them to brigade his thread to /r/all. This is truly a cancerous post.
0.5106 Chapecoense is a fairly young team, 43 years old, reached the srie A of Brazilian National Championship only in 2013 and since has stayed there.
0.4767 **That's their space** to push their content favorable to their beliefs, as this is **your space to call for them to be banned**.
0.4404 A safe space for leftists?
0.4215 A soberania popular ser exercida pelo sufrgio universal e pelo voto direto e secreto, com valor igual para todos, e, nos termos da lei, mediante:
0.4019 They get to r/all by sheer determination.

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-0.911 This sub fucked up so bad is sad.
-0.9001 It is because of the constant spamming of content to /r/all, the vulgar and pure hateful rhetoric that comes out of it. And who put you in charge of deciding what's spam, vulgar or hateful?
-0.802 Sanduche algo entre um po cortado ao meio, [algo entre dois pedaos de po independentes].
-0.7003 Como o po de hot dog s deve ser cortado de maneira a caber uma salsicha, nunca cortado ao meio, ento no tem como ser sanduche. Hot Dog da classe das Bruschetas
-0.6808 Voc no entendeu, as pessoas esto protestando pelo que acreditam, no pelo que algum manda, e de fato MUITA gente foi com faixas contra Temer, Rodrigo Maia, Renan e etc. No boiada como na esquerda.
-0.6808 Mesmo quem no entrou no barco, foi penalizado por associao. Se quererem ser levados a srio, depende de vocs, no da populao.
-0.6705 Bullshit You want /r/The_Donald to be gone so you can keep pushing propaganda on politics, political revolution and etc.
-0.6046 ??? Acho que voc ainda no entendeu o conceito de ferramenta de pronto uso, talvez no leu o meu primeiro comentrio.
-0.5927 USSOUTHCOM does track and try to stop this drug flow heading to Mexico but it became clear to them that due to government involvement that is a difficult fight.
-0.5574 It's a sub of 300k people, you can cherry pick comments and posts and ban any default sub based on this logic.
-0.5423 Constitui crime a representao por ato de improbidade ou a propositura de ao contra agente pblico ou terceiro beneficirio, quando o autor o sabe inocente ou pratica ato de maneira temerria.
-0.5423 You're a hypocrite, fuck you.