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0.918 If I were to receive this I would be so extremely grateful, but I like what tin-naga suggested, picking randomly seems like the most fair way to go.
0.8555 I am glad I went, but I am definitely craving a good boardgame convention.
0.7096 Good luck Zee.
0.6989 I really love the table you built!
0.6696 I love simplymobus!
0.6588 Battlestations, Endure the Stars sound great!
0.6588 You are awesome!
0.6588 You are awesome by the way!
0.6476 Yes please!
0.6476 Ave looks like one my wife and I would like!
0.6249 Edited the original post to add her likes.

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-0.7133 I have nothing better to do than sit here and complain because I can't play a board game on my computer...
-0.305 So not a huge showing...
-0.1531 Any interest in the summoner wars master set?
-0.0516 Total noob question...
-0.0258 Well I missed that one...
0.0 What is your community?
0.0 I am leaving town this weekend, but maybe next week we can set something up.
0.0 Also what condition is it in?
0.0 But it is on there for 75 w/prime...
0.0 Is there any where I can see pictures of the minis and box?
0.0 I'm intersted.
0.0 I'll have to check out shadows of brimstone too.