/u/MrCaptainFlash is very positive!

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0.918 If I were to receive this I would be so extremely grateful, but I like what tin-naga suggested, picking randomly seems like the most fair way to go.
0.8555 I am glad I went, but I am definitely craving a good boardgame convention.
0.7096 Good luck Zee.
0.6989 I really love the table you built!
0.6696 I love simplymobus!
0.6588 Battlestations, Endure the Stars sound great!
0.6588 You are awesome!
0.6476 Yes please!
0.6476 Ave looks like one my wife and I would like!
0.6249 Edited the original post to add her likes.
0.6249 There is some great advice in this episode, and I was thinking of linking this when I saw this post.

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-0.7133 I have nothing better to do than sit here and complain because I can't play a board game on my computer...
-0.305 So not a huge showing...
-0.1531 Any interest in the summoner wars master set?
-0.0516 Total noob question...
-0.0258 Well I missed that one...
0.0 What is your community?
0.0 I am leaving town this weekend, but maybe next week we can set something up.
0.0 Also what condition is it in?
0.0 But it is on there for 75 w/prime...
0.0 Is there any where I can see pictures of the minis and box?
0.0 I'm intersted.
0.0 I'll have to check out shadows of brimstone too.