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0.9575 I'm not very good with art pieces but I love Starry Night, and I adore these toes they're so pretty!
0.9451 I'd love to answer questions about general things like foot fetishism, but also personal stuff like the characters I write and the inspirations behind them :3
0.9422 One of my exes used to make fun of them and was a bit self-conscious for a time as a result, it truly makes me happy when someone noticed them and likes them so thanks
0.9201 I *do* wish the image was clearer, but we're still figuring out the best settings to use on an entry level DSLR for recording so one step at a time :3
0.8977 Yes they are, in fact a lovely lady here recommended me the etsy seller who makes all kinds of these things in Greece :3 I'll try and find the link when I can!
0.8555 They are the best kind of feet let's be honest ;)
0.8462 Thank you, the sandals came from an Esty girl in Greece who makes footwear for the beach, but I like wearing them when I have friends over or on picnics \^-^
0.8126 I suppose a lot of the subtle sexy things we do is completely subconscious but has an huge impact on guys like yourselves ;3
0.8062 I've got a lot lined up so here's hoping I get through it all and get to show you the best feet possible ;P x
0.7964 Always love me some Mila Kunis <3
0.7845 I couldn't find the OP who recommended her to me, but I bought these and some others from there and they're gorgeous \^_^

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-0.743 I did see his comment I should mention, and it was in no way hostile or even argumentative.
-0.6248 I always worry that they might be a little distracting y'know!
-0.5848 Probably a bad choice of words on my part, my apologies!
-0.4215 It's a sad thing indeed, but one of the many tough parts of life that gets thrown at us.
-0.3612 I doubt you'd be able to sleep much down there
-0.3025 I actually might sell them soon, they're pretty iconic to my posts so I want to squeeze out a bunch of uses in them and then replace them-- but it would be such a waste to just throw them away ;O
-0.296 Long time no see guys and gals, how's it been?
-0.296 The funeral was a few weeks back and for a number of reasons, it has both taken me longer and not as long as expected to "get over". Needless to say, this took a lot of time out of my schedule.
-0.1531 Did ya miss me?
-0.1298 My ass only gets the most special of audiences ...
-0.1027 I've got a couple more GIFs somewhere on my hard drive to post actually, I just need to remember where I put them on my laptop
-0.0772 Well at the beginning of April, my Grandmother unfortunately passed away so I have been taking some time out to deal with that.