/u/MishRae is slightly positive.

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0.8126 Amazing poster tbh, I already miss Braun, Potentially he could be one of the Greatest of All Time or even a modern Andre
0.807 The 3 Parter finale was glorious though and i quite liked Daleks in Manhatten
0.792 Last one wasn't and was shit, this one is and looks great
0.7184 We're reaching levels of Autism I never thought possible, Stay Safe /u/Unicorn_Abattoir I'm sure your carer knows you're using Reddit
0.6697 I fucking love the thick tires
0.6369 The greatest rivalry in professional wrestling
0.6369 Something glorious
0.6369 This would be the best twist
0.6369 This is the greatest moment in our sport
0.6249 Not only is the design of inferno squadron great, not only is the inclusion of the prequels great BUT MOTHER FUCKING CLASSES AND CUSTOMISABLE ARMOUR AND VEHICLES ARE HERE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
0.6177 I really don't see red dead being as popular with the under 12 age bracket, GTA Has that thing about it where children dick around in it because "Oh My God run over hookers in cars"

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-0.8402 Hell a Triple threat between Sami, AJ and Nakamura
-0.7661 Leave /u/evanharper out of this FFS, Autist Jesus deserves to rest
-0.7269 Oh Crap I thought it was hogan, My Bad
-0.6808 Armageddon Hell in a Cell 2 Electric Boogaloo?
-0.5994 Seeing Droidekas in Battlefront 2 on frostbite is going to be insane
-0.5719 I'm Autistic and this is retarded
-0.5574 The Day Three Star Wars Celebration board, start looking from about 4 hours in for the EA Board and go from there
-0.5574 Or maybe they let you choose because at one point in the clone wars both were in use at the same time due to roll outs of the equipment
-0.5423 What the fuck is this
-0.5423 Pipes,Dusters and ten gallon hats will be dope as fuck
-0.5267 No Class system in the last one let everyone run around with bacta bombs and jets packs, it was all monotonous and there was no way around it
-0.5187 There's still hope yet, go put tin foil over your asshole and chug a Jug of bleach to preserve the world from this evil