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0.872 Don't turn it too much, it's like the IS Series, straight line movement until you're engaged if you can help it, You can also turn well at high speed and keep up some momentum IIRC
0.8126 Amazing poster tbh, I already miss Braun, Potentially he could be one of the Greatest of All Time or even a modern Andre
0.8047 I have to be honest and say the M82 shell is great when you flank, but other then that yes its mediocre
0.743 And I have seen games won due to CAS. This is why German tankers should always have a Dora or Late 109 in the line up to spawn back in with and clear CAS Planes
0.7351 A surprise to be sure but a welcome one
0.7208 Well I mean, I don't really have trouble playing The Tiger II P or H outside of fighting IS6's and I hear the Panther II is good so eh, what loadout are you taking into tier IV?
0.7096 You would be amazed how well a Dora does against a loaded Allied fighter on the deck
0.6953 2nd that its a very entertaining collection, I'm half way through and haven't been disappointed yet
0.6697 I Fucking love This
0.6697 That's Fucking Glorious
0.5994 I loved the muttonchop look tbh

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-0.8519 I never see those in GF Battles, Spit Mk 24's are shit at ground attack and why use a Bearcat when the P47 or AD2 exist
-0.8481 INB4 a dead character keeps reciting it even after death
-0.8126 I mean, did they see me die on the hill telling them to fuck off while shooting myself in the face
-0.802 the early P51 is eclipsed by everything at higher tiers tbh and 20mm cannons above 4.0 are essentially useless outside of killing SPAA
-0.6783 Go Read Mein Kampf, He says around chapter 14 that he was 'Appointed by god to exterminate the jews' or some such, this argument that he simply went off the rails is bullshit
-0.6369 Not just any destroyer, that's no resurgent class which beggars the question, what is it?
-0.5994 If they add galactic marines as a skin option for clones I might die
-0.5984 I think i just fucking died
-0.5574 So is half the star wars names
-0.5574 I assume it will be the two unannounced star wars games
-0.5423 What The Fuck