/u/MishRae is slightly positive.

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8555 **The** Best Bar none, Here's to a speedy recovery for **The Greatest of All Time**
0.8402 FR XIV E, The best plane in the game IMHO and such a joy to use and look at
0.7579 Dunno but when caliph Trudeau II comes south after putting the Qubcois to The sword the true takfiris will join him
0.7351 Same, loved the original
0.6908 Lol thanks
0.6757 Yes but a canon modern variant would be nice
0.6697 I absolutely love it, one of my favourite maps
0.6597 TBH I'd like that, More Hollywood rock is a good thing
0.6486 Grand Admiral Outfit as a replacer for the standard imp officer
0.6249 That Tie looks awesome
0.6249 Indeed, Lego inferno squad would be awesome

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8591 Yes but assuming he can't deal with a few squads of ill-equipped terrified rebels is a wee bit foolish tbh
-0.799 Well I mean he's not wrong, Sideous would likely torture you to death whereas vader just chokes you out
-0.7762 Looking at whats being thrown out that's got to be over a thousand dollars, How the hell did you get it for 250!!!!!!!!!
-0.7012 The first one has 2 500kg bombs and the 20mm can easily kill low flying air craft and destroy allied AA and tank destroyers so yes it is good.
-0.6739 Even Aleks was taken aback by this and he works on cowchop FFS.
-0.6705 Old Canon He killed his master plageuis in his sleep after being elected Chancellor, New canon would be very similar
-0.6428 Get rid of this shit bot
-0.6408 "STarfighter customisation" oh Swe- *Tie Bomber Shows Up* HOLY FUCK
-0.5945 Back in 05 they where so much more basic holy shit
-0.5719 Jesus Fucking Christ, a BDZ would be terrifying to watch
-0.5574 Oh shit, 181st blood stripes
-0.5574 Come back to the discord, BoP misses you