/u/Mickflynn39 is kind of a dick.

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0.7798 I wish you and your kind nothing but bad ju ju.
0.7771 I won't name the offender as I am not that cruel. 'There is the possibility that Teresa is still alive.
0.765 That should be enough to totally finish the sub off. As for traffic numbers, what should be borne in mind is that there is some great comedy on that sub.
0.7579 I'd like to think if someone had killed a female relative of mine that LE would do their best to get at the truth. You'd be on far stronger ground if you argued they were too easy on him.
0.7579 If she is still alive there is a good chance that she underwent plastic surgery to alter her appearance so that others would not notice her.
0.7269 All I can say is you better be laughing with me and not at me.
0.7269 You are that lacking in intelligence that you actually think you are intelligent.
0.7003 If it's good enough for them, it should be good enough for Avery.
0.6908 Save your sympathy for the goblin.
0.6808 I hope they tell you that they'll be around to help you when they've finished catching up on all their paperwork. See how that works for you.
0.6369 Perfectly possible.

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-0.9403 Once he had raped her, killing her would not add to any jail time he'd get for rape.
-0.9062 He was sexually frustrated and TH turned down his overtures which made him angry and he then raped her.
-0.891 Yoda and Alan are the worthless pieces of shit. Deal with it shithead.
-0.8658 He's just the kind of guy I'd want on the case if my daughter had been raped and murdered.
-0.8126 You are too dumb to work it out. Deal with it fucktard.
-0.8082 Jem is female and is second only to hos in the degree of delusion and dumbness. I mostly ignore the dumbass as there is absolutely no hope for her.
-0.7906 What the fuck is it with you thick as fuck truthers that nearly all of you don't know your 'you're' from your 'your'?
-0.787 The trouble is they are so dumb they never learn.
-0.765 Just look at how all their sons turned out. The evil scumbags showed no empathy at all for the Halbach family.
-0.7579 She could then have been put in the RAV4 and transported to the burn pit. Again there would have been no blood spatter because she was already dead by strangulation.
-0.7506 She was stabbed after she was strangled.
-0.7425 Talk about a complete lack of empathy for TH and her family. I fucking hate them.