/u/Mickflynn39 is kind of a dick.

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0.8807 I also love to have a good drink when out with friends. I am FAF .
0.872 Wasn't my question but you did give a good answer. Fair play.
0.7902 She would be far more successful if she was half as good looking as she thinks she is.
0.7735 Pension funds, trusts & banks are not people. It matters not who you vote for Sparky, the government always wins.
0.765 If the defence just tested the blood in the RAV4 and found EDTA that would have been good enough to free him.
0.7579 I'd like to think if someone had killed a female relative of mine that LE would do their best to get at the truth. You'd be on far stronger ground if you argued they were too easy on him.
0.7351 Carbs are great for energy.
0.7337 They wouldn't be master criminals capable of pulling off the frame job of the century if they couldn't plant her DNA on a key! Her DNA not being on the key is evidence of not planting!
0.7269 If you want a sub where free speech is not allowed go to ticktockmanitowoc. You will find plenty of like minded folk there.
0.6369 It is perfectly normal for blood to coalesce around the stopper.
0.6124 I'd recommend you do that before doing posts like the one you've just done.

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-0.9403 Once he had raped her, killing her would not add to any jail time he'd get for rape.
-0.9095 Once you realise he is not someone you'd like to have any involvement with, it makes it far more plausible he raped and killed TH.
-0.9062 He was sexually frustrated and TH turned down his overtures which made him angry and he then raped her.
-0.875 If anything, they should be skinny as fuck as they aren't getting enough nourishment as a punishment for their crimes. IMHO there are far too many fat prisoners.
-0.8625 You're asking for it!!! What is it you don't understand about penultimate final warning? I demand an answer . Get on with it FFS!!!
-0.8591 He is a violent, abusive over sexed character that bears no resemblence to how he came across on MaM. I do think it is important for people to see the real Avery.
-0.8316 and then somebody comes around and uses it to tarnish your character in order to wrongly convict you of rape? If you check the case I think you'll find you are wrong in this regard.
-0.8271 This would only be because she strikes me as someone who would lie for Avery no matter what he'd done. She could have played dumb with prosecution and got away with it.
-0.8126 Why the fuck should we be borrowing money to feed the fat fuckers?
-0.8074 He feared the worst.
-0.8074 Also given the circumstances, family always fear the worst.
-0.8016 The last thing I want is for prisoners to become fat fuckers at taxpayer's expense!