/u/Michael_Enlym is very positive!

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0.969 That is great advice, thank you :) Your hobby sound incredibly interesting, I am so glad to hear you found something you love :) Never stop exploring!
0.936 Best of luck in your games, they sound great :)
0.9329 That's great :D Thanks for your response :)
0.9018 I think that's amazing :) I'm happy to hear you found your calling, keep doing what you are doing!!
0.8883 And that drawception link looks like hilarious fun, I will definitely have to try it!
0.8834 But a list definitely does help, thanks :)
0.8834 Spoken like a true ENFP haha :)
0.8608 I love ones of space and the planets, but I also am a fan of minimalist wallpapers :)
0.8585 Wow, that is a great response, you found a loophole in my question!!
0.8508 Those are so beautiful :)
0.8475 Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed reading!

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-0.6486 Would you risk the rest of your life in constant fear, just for an answer?
-0.6486 But in this political climate, it's hard to be neutral without being labelled as something you are not. Just give people a couple days to die down a little.
-0.5719 Both are equally terrifying. - Arthur C.
-0.5267 Just thinking about it floating around in the vast nothingness of space, no destination, no end.
-0.5209 It's so me it hurts.
-0.3875 I think wamus is right, I think there is a way to retrieve files that didn't save properly.
-0.296 But no answer yet.
-0.2732 Are you willing to take that risk?
-0.25 Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not.
-0.2023 Would you be able to watch all your friends and family die, knowing you will never see them again?
-0.2023 This is not meant to be religiously charged, just analyzing your response.
-0.188 Wow... I'm so sorry to hear about your mom.