/u/MephistophelesTheDog is kind of a dick.

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0.7964 I don't need to check your comment history to know that Trump supporters love their Stefan Molyneux memes. All you've brought to the table is just a strawman.
0.7906 Let's just take a practical example: Lets assume a perfect global free market.
0.7845 The use of abstract concepts and language is unprecedented in nature, at the same time it's one of our greatest strengths.
0.7841 Because a fully free market, while enabling more possiblities of transactions and states of ownership, would encourage different results than a protectionist system.
0.7783 Seems to fit that definition pretty well.
0.7092 Capitalism has been increasing wealth, but that doesn't mean it will keep doing so, as the growth was rooted in increasing productivity combined with vast markets for export.
0.6705 If by "living comfortably" you mean having housing and access to nessecities of life, then yes.
0.6652 What he's talking about is that socialism does not require a centrally planned econmy, but can operate on a free market, also known as market socialism.
0.6369 Interesting points, thank you.
0.5875 They are not amoral but immoral from their very conception.
0.5859 Amazing isn't it? [citation needed]

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-0.9042 You can't beat someone who is willing to lie, censor and incite violence without using violence yourself.
-0.875 You are arguing "Any event that is necessarily fatal for capitalism is necessarily also fatal for socialism.
-0.8658 Weapons of mass destruction and self-replicating robots for everyone, how could this possibly go wrong?
-0.8628 Hate your life all you want, but don't hope for other people to be miserable because you do.
-0.8591 43% of the fith quintile stuck, which is slightly higher than the poverty line, while 70% of the total remain in the lowest and 2nd lowest quintiles).
-0.8481 So if there are exogenous events that will devastate all capitalist ownership states then it will also devastate all socialist ownerships states.
-0.8126 Fear and hatred of the "others" is an integral part of the ideology.
-0.802 They rose through populism during and after the financial crisis in 1929, while the general population was suffering from uneployment.
-0.7906 For example: If a meteorite were to obliterate a major cotton-production centre it might cause a global shortage of it, no matter if it's owned by one person or the workers themselves.
-0.7906 By your logic everything fatal for Anarchy would also be fatal for Capitalism, which seems a bit nonsensical.
-0.7783 Poor people pay low to no taxes.
-0.765 Mortgages and student loans are some of the worst offenders in this.