/u/MemphisOsiris is kind of a dick.

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0.809 Glad to see you've given up on trying to maintain some illusions that you're not pathetically moronic.
0.7906 That's great thanks.
0.7351 Looks like I won this.
0.6808 Amazing top level replies there.
0.6597 Definitely seeing a surge of new teens who just logged onto the internet for the first time, being active on here recently.
0.6486 But looks like I succeeded in getting you to break.
0.6369 Yes, thank you for the oldest fucking repost ever.
0.6369 I would love to have an update on this.
0.5423 It was more of a reply of amazement.
0.5106 You'd wife a girl based on how well she takes a semi-nude selfie & shares it online?
0.4588 aww that's cute.

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-0.9186 Do you seriously have no reply with substance or even a proper insult beyond the generic *"u mad bruh"*, shit?
-0.9136 If I'm worked up & sad & pathetic, then that must apply to you to seeing as you were desperately trying to find a way to insult me before.
-0.8689 Nobody needs to be mad to show you up for your pathetic stupidity.
-0.8126 That's exactly the word to use to describe the poor fucker who's with her.
-0.8126 Do you think because there's hate against Trump-ette's that there would be hate against red pillers who are against the mentality of cucks?
-0.7777 We getting this motherfucker or what?!*
-0.7351 Fuck one more, we need the whole damn rip of her instagram & twitter & private Snaps.
-0.7269 The retard is just bitching about *'muh jobs & benefits stolen by immigrants' & 'shay-rie-ah law'*
-0.7003 No, that's another shit movie your thinking about.
-0.6597 https://www.reddit.com/user/coreyqqq/submitted/ Seriously, you are beyond pathetic.
-0.6486 You're just such a obsessed little horny kid that you'd expect to be able to at least get that shit right.
-0.6486 But in the sense how male rape victims are treated, yes