/u/MemphisOsiris is kind of a dick.

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0.6923 yeah, then the normal person response would be 'I dated him', not 'fucked him'.
0.6872 So you can play with the benefit of mechanical buttons, extra buttons ect. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Grifta-Solo/dp/B01N6TZ3XG
0.6705 But I actually enjoyed this vid surprisingly coz of the topic.
0.6705 Thank you're welcome.
0.6369 I'm cool how I am, thanks.
0.6151 Almost every popular show goes about like that.
0.5719 Especially since Grifta was supposed to be the perfect version of this.
0.5574 Can you please reduce the quality a bit more please?
0.5563 More comfortable.
0.5267 Then others are straight up cringey like this.
0.504 1. .... 2. .... 3. Profit??

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-0.9382 Stopped watching NCIX, but even when I did I hated this bitch.
-0.936 Oh, and the insult that 'coz you use the bad words so you must be stupid' is beyond outdated you fucktard.
-0.9136 He lays it on thick with the terrible acting, doing shitty dad jokes knowing they're shitty , and stupid face pulling.
-0.8684 WTF is the point of this shit?
-0.8555 Ugly ass face. edit: oh, do you white knights disagree?
-0.8555 I hate this ugly pineapple headed prick.
-0.8074 Please stop with your bullshit PCMR shit.
-0.7964 Why the fuck is this shit posted here?
-0.7964 some old ass shit repost
-0.7935 who made this shitty useless bot?
-0.7845 and what dick actually says that shit?
-0.7351 Why the fuck did she do that annoying tongue wagging thing?