/u/MemphisOsiris is kind of a dick.

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0.8408 so you didn't really know shit but acted like it was true without any proof anyway.
0.7783 Especially the part where the guy says his dad said if you're kind to strangers, they'll be kind to you too.
0.7733 They didn't do that shit for her beauty.
0.705 Also, Luffy doesn't give a fuck about grand fleet.
0.7003 Thinking they were given an amazing chance.
0.6908 A silly nerdy guy pale as someone's ass after a cold bath, smiling like a grinning dork happy to be in his favourite show.
0.6908 Better yet, HBO unpaid interns hoping to get a cameo in a nude GoT scene.
0.6705 I also liked the idea that you need to craft special twig floors and stairs when twig raiding .
0.6249 They've sort of given their approval that he will "leave their crew" to join SH.
0.6249 A great character?
0.5994 Kids like Bran who could climb the castle walls easily.

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-0.946 The only thing I was pissed off about here is how this shit show became a shit show with this feminist crap.
-0.9365 I fucking hate this annoying fake bitch.
-0.9042 Except Dany is a moron who fucked shit up.
-0.9001 just shut the fuck up you stupid dickhead kid.
-0.8999 Proof; the stupid Mormont bitch clearly saying shit about knitting or some fucking crap.
-0.8934 Especially with him being the weird, fucked up, mystical motherfucker he is.
-0.8932 They fucking wasted the budget on doing bullshit scenes with the retard Daenaerys & her dragons.
-0.8684 WTF are you pulling this shit from?
-0.8316 I don't know about the people complaining about his star power of whatever bullshit, I haven't even seen people saying that shit as some on this sub kept saying in defence of Sheeran.
-0.8119 I fucking swear the brood of bitches there are fucking annoying.
-0.8074 Stupid cunts.
-0.802 Dumb cunt is seriously an understatement.