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0.941 That's exactly what I did, kind of more universally liked things but I knew my friend would enjoy it so I hoped her sister would too!
0.9231 They have pretty much accepted that he will never go back to Mormon "church" or be temple worthy, my parents on the other hand still hold out hope that I'll become a nun
0.9042 I do just feel bad that I am sapping her time with a small party but maybe that is just irrational. Thanks for the hugs :D
0.9006 My caterer is amazing and texts me to relax and not stress, she is hilarious!
0.8805 And thank you for the fabulous breakdown, you and the entire wedding looked absolutely gorgeous.
0.8805 We love things like the Boise Escape rooms, things like NERFed, etc.!
0.8622 A brewery sounds great, I absolutely love trying local beer.
0.8597 I'm so glad it worked out :D Also, your username intrigues me, I am a "Catholic" marrying a "Mormon" doing all of the church stuff for the parents!
0.8585 I got them both something I knew my friend would like so hopefully her sister does too!
0.8548 Fiance and I are doing a dual bachelor/bachlorette party with a couple younger friends that don't/can't drink for the first half of the day, then ditching them for more adult fun.
0.8297 I love bargains and re-purposing things! I would totally do it :)

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-0.8569 The small tea lights look decent, but I had candelabras as my main table decorations and the LED candlesticks look absolutely horrendously plastic and fake IMO.
-0.7968 I checked out the magazine but unless I'm doing something wrong it doesn't seem like there's a lot on there!
-0.567 I was basically forced into LED candles when both my Church and my venue said they don't allow open flames when I had already bought all of my candles .
-0.5553 I am also doing my own makeup and am getting lots of "nice" stuff I would never buy myself...it's awesome!
-0.5279 I think LED tea lights will look fine, I am just slightly upset that I have to up my budget to buy/rent a bunch of them, plus some realistic looking candlestick LEDs :(
-0.5113 I'd rather have to deal with the classes, the priests, the deacons, and the Church than deal with my mom crying at my wedding not from happiness but because I didn't get married in the Church!
-0.5106 I had a Reno fiasco with that not too long ago.
-0.4939 I just looked it up, it does :'(
-0.4767 Then when it doesn't happen they can be sad for us ...
-0.4404 :( I am doing just what you're thinking, immediate family only, and there will be about 21 including FH and I.
-0.4215 Nope, they were all going to be in vases but she said no flames at all.
-0.4019 My fiance did it by ignoring his mom completely for 6 months while he was away at college.