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0.9676 Transfer fee was reported to be 27mil or about 20mil but yeah I still agree he's been great so far. Looked really solid in all aspect and suits the new system perfectly.
0.9318 Not sure we'd necessarily be the best for him, there are certainly bigger teams that will definitely want him too but my god he'd be perfect for us!
0.8932 Nice video man, really interesting and informative. Keep up the good work :)
0.8843 It's honestly alright, the atmosphere is really good and when you're the the views actually not too bad!
0.8773 I think the amount of praise he gets from opposition supporters and pundits alike shows you how really under appreciated he is by our own fans.
0.8678 I've never played either of those, but it's certainly not as realistic as normal forza or gran turismo but it doesn't feel overly fake and easy
0.8667 The kid in this, the cinematography and to some extent the plot of this seem quite reminiscent of Looper IMO I loved that film though so that's definitely not a bad thing
0.8581 One of my favourite films of all time, so many interesting ideas dealt with really well in that film and it's just a great film in general.
0.8338 Ballack was a class player but having Lampard and Gerrard playing together weekly would have been great for both club and country
0.8316 And saved that sweet sweet karma in the process
0.818 I think he's a brilliant, young, dynamic and versatile player and he's also the kind of hard worker Conte likes.

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-0.6597 Takes a ridiculous amount of criticism.
-0.5106 Disturbingly accurate
-0.4937 Opposition sure and he shouldn't get any love during the match but some of the chants were just disrespectful and you wouldn't like to hear them against any manager really, history or not.
-0.4767 Problem is 30million is a lot to pay for someone who only gets the occasional chance and I've no doubt he'll want to play a lot more regularly then he does at the moment
-0.4754 I've been really struggling to get any extras
-0.4201 I highly doubt he's going to revert to last seasons efforts anytime soon and thoroughly expect him to be back on his A game ASAP
-0.3612 That's only Prem games though, I doubt he'll get 12 more games this season without cups
-0.3182 It's a struggle to even READ their accent
-0.3182 It's a bit different when there's lots of characters though due to the lack of abundance of high quality dwarf actors.
-0.296 No it's not, the title is right, the tweet was about Chelsea players
-0.2944 Very sneaky putting Harley Quinn at the bottom, making us scroll through all of them
-0.2728 It didn't inspire it, he directed this music video himself and decided it was worth being made into a full feature length film.