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0.9259 That's actually such a nice looking and powerful PC as well, anyone who wins it will be extremely lucky
0.9167 Both impressed me more then I was expecting. Overall the team played really well and already look really fit and sharp, exciting stuff
0.8852 To be quite honest we don't actually have the financial clout of those clubs, so we have to make sure we're getting absolutely the best deal possible, hence why each transfer can take a while.
0.8316 He's cheaper yes but I don't think that necessarily equates to better value.
0.8225 Yeah at least on the right we have Moses/azpi/Pedro who can all play there reasonably well, although alonso is in my opinion much better then Moses, it's the left we really need cover for
0.8221 But the prospect of a loan at a "good English club" sounds very exciting provided that means prem teams
0.8126 Yes, boga impressed more than any of the other young players, although I felt baker played well in his limited game time too
0.7964 Honestly a joke that Gerard is better in any of these stats bar passing where it should be closer anyway
0.7906 All done, hope it goes well :)
0.788 No doubt morata is better but I really think Bats is a very very capable striker and should get more game time this season and I'm excited for that
0.7777 Obviously there's the Christensen hype but good to see Boga start as well!

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-0.8224 Hell, lukaku hasn't won anything and he was our first choice target
-0.8038 All resale of tickets is ILLEGAL here and you're at huge risk that any you buy are fake or won't work
-0.7964 We destroyed Arsenal who in turn destroyed Bayern though, it goes to show you can't take these games TOO seriously
-0.7251 Never understand why Alonso gets so much hate on this sub, maybe his FIFA rating/price tag is too low?
-0.6705 No joke, my uni pitches are miles ahead of this wtf
-0.6698 If you don't care about any of the extra "performance orientated" features then no it's not worth it at all.
-0.6312 What the actual fuck is that ref?!?
-0.5719 No he must be mistaken, he only scored twice for Granada
-0.5209 I know, he's become such a meme on here especially and it's sad to see.
-0.4784 unfortunately 1070 doesn't fit into my budget and as the motherboard has 4 ram slots and i doubt I'll ever need 32gb of ram thought 2 x 4gb would be better
-0.4588 He's not, that's way after the penalty, they're standing on the halfway line and moratas had to walk all the way back before that
-0.3612 Tbf ox played alright that game, obviously the whole Arsenal team was useless so that's not saying much at all but I doubt that if conte does want him this game would go much against him