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0.9011 I mean, we're top of the league, all but guaranteed to win it now let's be honest, and we finished 10th last year.
0.891 To call it a gamble is definitely fair but it seriously paid off, it was amazing! This place is one of the highest rated pizza places in London so they sure know what they're doing!
0.8843 It's honestly alright, the atmosphere is really good and when you're the the views actually not too bad!
0.8773 I think the amount of praise he gets from opposition supporters and pundits alike shows you how really under appreciated he is by our own fans.
0.8678 I've never played either of those, but it's certainly not as realistic as normal forza or gran turismo but it doesn't feel overly fake and easy
0.8316 And saved that sweet sweet karma in the process
0.8126 I like it tbh, but yeah the option of other colours could be good
0.796 For me at least I consider him one of the greatest strikers of all time and certainly Chelseas most important over the years
0.7906 Great, thanks mate
0.7588 The picture doesn't do it justice but trust me it was huge.
0.7574 I'm unbelievably excited and expecting a big win to cap it off.

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-0.6597 To criticise him is ridiculous.
-0.6597 Takes a ridiculous amount of criticism.
-0.5423 I don't buy into this "he's bad in big games" mentality.
-0.5267 Just searched through the fa rule book and there's no mention of this rule, maybe it's an old rule that's no longer in place
-0.5106 I'm sure he knows a hell of a lot more about the team, players and tactics then any of us do.
-0.4937 Opposition sure and he shouldn't get any love during the match but some of the chants were just disrespectful and you wouldn't like to hear them against any manager really, history or not.
-0.4784 unfortunately 1070 doesn't fit into my budget and as the motherboard has 4 ram slots and i doubt I'll ever need 32gb of ram thought 2 x 4gb would be better
-0.4767 Shame he hasn't had more of a run out throughout the season
-0.4767 Problem is 30million is a lot to pay for someone who only gets the occasional chance and I've no doubt he'll want to play a lot more regularly then he does at the moment
-0.4754 I've been really struggling to get any extras
-0.4201 I highly doubt he's going to revert to last seasons efforts anytime soon and thoroughly expect him to be back on his A game ASAP
-0.3612 That's only Prem games though, I doubt he'll get 12 more games this season without cups