/u/Malique05 is kind of a dick.

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0.9274 Oh, I was actually just trolling but if that's true, it is nice to know xD
0.8516 I was joking but thanks for the nice reply!
0.8434 Yep my PC could only run this map the best so I just played this.
0.802 It's a unique server that is just fun to play if you had to start on one server, I recommend trying it out.
0.6814 Yeah it's almost like this is all some sort of joke!
0.6702 The builders also make some hot builds. * Good staff The staff don't act like they are some sort of god who is too good for members on here.
0.6124 I go on this server pretty often and it's a nice one that I stuck around with for 3 years now.
0.5719 The medic may be pretty low and it helps a lot to give it to him.
0.5709 No that is a sense of relief more like.
0.5574 You seem angry, want a jolly rancher to cheer you up?
0.5499 Obviously the frame rate dropped a bit while I was recording but even with a small fps boost this would still be impossible to handle.

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-0.8977 I wouldn't mind if they eventually killed Jeff, but killing him on the first issue is kind of disappointing, hoping to see how his character would develop even a tiny bit.
-0.8316 No negative people like you are killing it.
-0.8173 Right after saying this he says "and then we will start" which means it can still be Carl or Rick, if anyone tried to move, before death more pain had to be caused.
-0.8063 You can't help but to have some negative bias about the character even though the character itself isn't the Nazi.
-0.7845 There is a difference between people who hate where the show is going vs haters.
-0.7579 Unless you seek death, you throw it after the fight is done.
-0.7563 WTF it didn't work?!?!
-0.7351 The dog is visibly oppressed by Tan's selfish manspreading
-0.7184 Matt already killed his channel no need to be petty and do stuff like this.
-0.7096 your first mistake was checking webMD they often fail to give a real answer.
-0.6956 Bit late but Breaking bad.
-0.6908 Once you come up she tries to kill you.