/u/Mademoisellepeachy is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.8755 It's SO lovely to see you beautiful!
0.8553 He got all excited when I said we were commenting with each other Hope you're having a lovely weekend!
0.8481 Much love xoxo
0.8225 It's been a rough week, glad I could help <3
0.8172 Haha I love you guys here too!
0.8088 Very sweet of you :D
0.7783 Lovely to see you too :)
0.7772 Thank you and happy birthday!!
0.7717 Thank YOU for all the love
0.7644 Thank you, you're amazing!
0.7644 Wow thank you!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5707 Oh no I missed it!
-0.4753 They broke through the blanket!
-0.3595 Missed you guys too!
-0.1511 Sorry I've been away!
-0.0258 Yes sadly it comes with the territory.
0.0 We shall see!
0.0 I'm a silent guardian.
0.0 A watchful protector.
0.0 A Light Peach.
0.0 Merci beaucoup!
0.0 Was just prancing around my kitchen trying not to spill my tea ;P
0.0 High five TDubs!