/u/Macx1111 is very positive!

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0.9081 It's wonderful :) you guys must use a good camera too lol
0.9062 Great play on words :) lol
0.8943 What's your favorite food? What's your favorite category of porn to masturbate to? How much do you love Guardians of the Galaxy?
0.8919 Do you like Game of Thrones? Who's your favorite comedian? What's your favorite porn category to watch?
0.8779 Please do more "Cum Inside Me" scripts, cuz you saying that is all kinds of goodness lol :)
0.875 One of your best posts, because of cute factor lol
0.8604 Do you have a favorite alcoholic beverage? What's your favorite car? Do you have a favorite sexual experience?
0.8402 This, except she loved to swallow, which was great.
0.8356 This is a lovely pelfie ;) hope you do more in the future too!
0.8313 Congrats on the new sub! That is a great tail plug.
0.8271 Lol Have a good day off :)

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-0.5574 Holy shit, totally this.
-0.5362 What has been your favorite photo set, vid, or experience to shoot so far? Do you know that you were quoted on an online article regarding these little children who were stealing from tourists once?
-0.5106 Holy shit, your ass is amazing
-0.4767 Goddamn Lena, for some reason the title of your post coupled with your pics triggered something in me and made my heart race.
-0.4767 I don't think there's anything necessarily wrong with selling, I just think if they're selling a premium, they should add a photo or two so that people know what they're getting.
-0.4184 Missed ya lots!!
-0.4019 Damn, is she famous?
-0.34 She fell off once she got her boob job :/
-0.1531 An ass worthy of a Khaleesi
-0.101 I have a feeling she's gonna be even more badass this upcoming season.
-0.0516 Do you swear by the Pro Penguin?
-0.0258 You're sexy as fuck.