/u/Mach1_85 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9501 I find you super cute, like awesome girl friend material. You'll have no shortage of male interest!
0.9181 You look like so much fun! I'd love to play
0.9117 Good on you for giving RAOBJ a shot! I hope you have a awesome time.
0.9042 Happy afternoon on this lovely Sunday :)
0.901 Yes, for me you have your own sort of style/sexiness/appeal. Your lips are my favourte feature of yours, but your face is also gorgeous and your body is stunning!
0.8889 Kind of sexy, more incredibly cute :)
0.886 Perfect, just perfect :)
0.8828 You're doing a great job of entertaining us so far :)
0.8604 Happy to help in any way :) Sorry to hear that you're sick, but so pleased you are ;)
0.8481 Thanks for making my sunny afternoon even brighter ;)
0.8479 Its perfectly fine, you're a very attractive woman.

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.7412 Is there a colour that you don't look sexy as fuck in?
-0.7097 Don't forget sexy as fuck!
-0.68 Screw the bras, that lip bite is to die for!
-0.5255 That's a shame, you should really have some company!
-0.4926 Hell yes! Can you take a picture of him using his fingers to stretch you adding another finger?
-0.4015 don't break that friendship off!
-0.2481 lucky bastard!
-0.1644 I was really hoping your username was a city location haha Real shame, but you are damn fine!
-0.0772 That's funny cause I'm desperate for pussy, tits, lips, tongue and everything in between
0.0 Australian here, I'd have to go down for a thorough tasting!
0.0 Amber you're looking incredibly appealing!!!!
0.0 Would you let someone shave you?