/u/Lyhzinha is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9485 Super nice seller, everything perfect with a free gift.
0.9406 Great communication and the package was perfectly secure :D
0.906 Everything arrived perfect (: Great seller!
0.8979 Great seller, good communication and super fast shipping.
0.8858 Great seller, everything arrived quickly and super well packed!
0.8585 Everything very well packaged, with some gifts and the comunication super easy!
0.8553 Super fast shipping and everything arrived perfectly!
0.8521 I'm really happy :D
0.8516 Great seller, super fast shipping!
0.8516 Super fast shipping and great communication!
0.8429 $6 for the samples works :D :D

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6486 Detrivore - Azura Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Dead House Any idea how much it would cost shipped to Portugal?
-0.6115 Ufff, I really hate USPS.
-0.5499 I wanted the jars too, but shipping is insane.
-0.4201 But with university and all it's really difficult.
-0.3566 I really have no ideia how much it would be.
-0.296 At the moment I started a no buy for the first time and I'm doing an inventory.
-0.2714 I'm interested in Lime Crime Venus!
-0.2382 :( Luckly most of this brands ship internationally but the customs fees are absurd...
-0.2228 I'm so sorry, I fell asleep too!
-0.1531 Any idea how much would cost Fyrinnae - Velvet Vampire and Mephisto, Shiro - Anguished Sighs of Retail Employees and Femme Fatale - Tea Partying is Hard shipped to Portugal?
-0.1511 Sorry for this!)
-0.1027 I'll be afk for two hours from now, if you could wait I'll pay you asap.