/u/Lukecis is kind of a dick.

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0.7531 oh man, I've been playing mabinogi since G1 like 10+ years ago
0.6908 Tiger II is definitely my favorite tank ever.
0.6623 dude im on like NG+8 on my main character and I still havent died to that boss.
0.5859 sarranids win because of "some maces"?
0.5719 I thought troy was burned to the ground by the greeks once they won?
0.4939 can someone tell me if miura actually plays loli weaboo games or is it just a joke?
0.4927 I really hope they keep the body type of parts 1-4 in the anime.
0.474 I really like the wooden/stone sherman!
0.4588 10 luck for criticals
0.4588 yeah I think it stopped being special when they started to put items,characters and stuff ripped directly from animes.
0.4404 thanks, I'll try to do this.

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-0.9515 Thousands of woman raped : nothing Hundreds of people dead from terrorism: nothing 1 guy kills a single muslim : GET THAT FUCKING NOT ALL MUSLIMS SHIT UP RIGHT NOW.
-0.8834 I thought they killed everyone/took them into slavery too, so the other troys must of been people who came back to repopulated it?
-0.8288 tis a shame my shit pc cant play this game.
-0.8134 but isn't it like ruled by gangsters and crime is rampant?
-0.7096 I hate furries and brony shit m8.
-0.6124 nah Ive only died on the way to pinwheel like...alot.
-0.6115 I fucking hate that song
-0.5423 that thing is horrible.
-0.4767 get out new fag
-0.4767 oh so a single police man gets payed 500$ an hour goddamn.
-0.4767 dark souls 3 is far worse than ds2.
-0.4767 theres alot of shame in it actually.