/u/Lukecis is kind of a dick.

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0.7905 well, I was a kid, and a young one at that when I first came up with my username, I think I just thought of "luke" then an addition to it that sounded good, or at least not retarded.
0.7783 this sounds pretty freakin cool, except for the 6~8 degree increase.
0.7645 Old game overhauls like Roma Surrectium and Europa barbarorum are fucking amazing though.
0.6369 To use the glorious ivory UGS, of course.
0.5093 Darwin awards for everyone!
0.4939 you'd have to be pretty fukkin MLG to beat bosses in dark souls using a touch screen or touchpad.
0.4939 pretty much
0.4927 it's visuals are absolute jam packed with info and memes, it's quite good.
0.4767 Yeah, I mean I like the image and agree with it, but this isn't the sub to post it to.
0.4588 only the souls of jews can satisfy this gate.
0.4588 99 str 30 dex is not a "quality build" it's a str build and is required for the greatest weapon in all of the entire franchise , the Ivory UGS.

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-0.9287 Kill yourselfs faggots P.S: It's not the "official shittydarksouls discord" No such thing exists, none of the discords in existence have ever been backed by the mods.
-0.8903 Yeah, fuck hitler, goddamned retard couldn't even win wwII
-0.8831 The reason I was voted to be so bad is because the mod and whole community of /r/shittydarksouls decided that their favorite person to hate, myself, was ripe for the position of worst bot.
-0.836 some random faggot who should fuck off apparently.
-0.836 I bet the damage would kill people with 99 hp in 1 hit.
-0.8271 It probably stopped the second I left cause people were so stoked that I had fucked off. Also just wait until nighttime, thats when they start getting drunk.
-0.8074 This shit is terrifying.
-0.7909 I got downvoted to hell in the announcement for a "definitive edition" when this was announced for saying "game of the year editions aren't good for the consumer"
-0.7778 ruin sentinels are always the most annoying early game boss.
-0.765 no, you evil mean person
-0.765 There is no SDS discord, it's just a discord called soulslike, that has people from SDS, it's filled with tons of normies and it has 0 rules against posting NSFW pics in general so I left.
-0.7579 if that isn't at least one of the attacks in the moveset, Riot.