/u/Lukecis is a total dick!

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0.765 when I play world conquering games I love to purge the filthy turks from the balkans
0.6705 I'm pretty sure I've seen this before and it was called bio luminescent plankton
0.6369 double repost in the same day nice 1 m8
0.6369 king of the hill best anime right after the new samurai jack
0.6124 they looked like pets too, like the floor is definetly in a house so hes probably just letting his pet snake eat his other pet snake.
0.5423 yeah to increase mein u faegt
0.4588 honestly I need that twink more than the slabs
0.3612 why does this look like it was a picture of the inside of an anus?
0.34 time to play greece
0.3182 pre sure girls and guys have the same anus

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8655 no I fucking hate ponies you fuck
-0.8481 who the fuck sees and thinks fucking spanish literally just kill yourself my man
-0.8126 this shit has been posted a million times ffs
-0.7579 this shit has been posted here like 5 times you focking faggot
-0.7531 kys all SDS members should be hanged btw #ITS JUST FOR REALL BUDDDY KILL YOURSELF
-0.7184 all spanish music sucks ass
-0.7096 it came from /u/soarel2 when he was going crazy about me stalking,doxxing,and harassing him in the skype chat made of /r/shittydarksouls members from years ago
-0.6917 you dont like gelantous globs eating your shit manfu?
-0.6908 I rape is3 in my vk 100.OP just sayin
-0.6908 who did it kill?
-0.6908 kill asylum demon in the tutorial obv
-0.6597 im a dude faggot