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0.8945 Heroic isn't all that bad, it's certainly much better than leaf swirl.
0.8658 I just hit buttons, would be amazed if i somehow got perfect from just random lol.
0.8534 Thanks! i used to have the pattern but traded it off for like 5$ profit :b
0.8271 I looked in the super secret mod files and I wish I didn't, it spoiled the surprise
0.8271 Glad you like, enjoy
0.7906 pentas are always a great thing to pull off, lets hope for more in the future
0.7906 Soraka has great map awareness good lord.
0.7876 I'm thinking of doing so once the key is tradeble, but crossing my fingers for it being 1k since thats what i bought my original one for :)
0.7506 For someone who loves open world games like GTA, Just Cause, Fallout, Deadrising, Far Cry, etc.etc., this is just heaven.
0.7269 Unless you're against people with godlike aim or autoaim+assault shotgun you're pretty protected.
0.7269 Unranked life still goin strong lol

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6908 Run Fast, Jump and Kill faster. * AMR from New Vegas.
-0.6652 I would jump straight for mag rod, but knowing the game it'll give me jack shit or commons, so pass.
-0.6588 And of course with ubisoft, even with all the stupid shit they've done in the past, you can always expect the amount of detail they put in to their games, in both the world and in the cars. Thanks!
-0.6369 Look at its murderous little face.
-0.5423 [Sonalis fail win^tm]
-0.5423 2 3pulls, all 3*s, fuck you game.
-0.5423 The worst is when you pull something other people want and other people pull what you want.
-0.5423 [ID] Almost up to 500 kills with my CSGO Knife.
-0.5411 DPS over pure damage right guise?! Not knowing that I could slowly build up items.
-0.5267 That's quite an achievement considering how uncommon knife kills can be in a gun game. [I would like The Crew@50$.
-0.5106 Just a massive gun with huge damage and variety of ammo, llike explosives and incendiaries. 2:Galaxy on Fire 2.I've actually played this a looooooong time ago on my phone.
-0.4939 zzz don't know if to be offended