/u/Lsdmdma is kind of a dick.

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0.7184 Until then enjoy the nice lil after-effect headbuzz.
0.7003 My family thought it was a bright idea to gift me a puppy last year.
0.6908 Although I have read things online that now, in our current reality, higher beings or creation itself is causing a profound change in humanity across the board, a positive change.
0.6696 Cool didn't even think of that, thanks!
0.6696 Yup I think the exercise idea is probably the best option!
0.6249 And my family still thinks that buying me a dog was a great idea.
0.6124 I know many self injectables like avonex may be used with a pill form, like ampyra or tecfidera.
0.5719 This makes me happy.
0.5704 We all know animals can sense our emotional states, but I'm really curious on what dogs sense in someone under the influence of LSD.
0.5423 It's a pretty intense experience.
0.4939 Funny how people want to attribute these 'new ideas' to Sanders, IE campaign finance reform. https://youtu.be/evYwPJUY_cc

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-0.9081 Every other word is fuck, cocksucker, bitch, etc.
-0.8934 Even some shit happening then Obama declaring martial law between now and inauguration, he could just take the fuck over and nobody would do shit.
-0.8658 Until someone with bigger balls and a bigger gun tells you to shut the fuck up and spread YOUR sack bitch
-0.8555 You came home to your 6 year old daughter being violently raped by a man.
-0.8225 Authorities prove massive voter fraud on the left, DHS takes over election process due to the fraud and names Hillary or another pawn president?
-0.8176 He also has a "spy cam" video where he goes to a casino he's banned from and can face arrest, and literally brags about using a friend's ID to get in and how he could be arrested if caught.
-0.8126 Fuck bitches get money
-0.7845 There's no evidence of any rape.
-0.7724 News mods are censoring everything that doesn't fit their narrative that there "is no such thing as Islamic terror"
-0.7517 Downvoted to hell despite a logical, well thought out question.
-0.7411 Yeah dude, I'll watch beheadings all night but won't even touch this shit.
-0.7184 Tired of those fucks