/u/Lots42 is kind of a dick.

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0.8055 While -rude- customers need to take a flying leap into a very deep lake, I love talking to the nice ones.
0.6808 The water beggars still went thirsty even after the Brotherhood secured lots of good water.
0.6808 One of them makes a strong hobby of making sure local elderly ladies have enough to eat.
0.6705 Please maintain some dignity and answer this part with a yes or no.
0.6705 Well, okay there's room to agree.
0.6597 All the credit card machines around here have nice little signs saying 'Chip not available'.
0.6369 Cosmo is best Guardian
0.6369 Of course if McCain -had- voted for their health care nonsense they would have made dozens of posts celebrating him.
0.6249 Subway used to have a great vegan patty.
0.6124 Well, he does have a set of good razors.
0.5653 Well, at least you won't remember the gross taste.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9062 And now you accuse someone you dislike of being a violent racist.
-0.8555 The appropriate thing to do when a woman is complaining about a terrible male -based trauma is to step in and tell her she made a numerical error. /s
-0.8176 Fallout New Vegas: Steal some Whiskey, get shot dead.
-0.802 Me_IRl is run by racist lunatic moderators.
-0.7506 We had an entire war about fighting Nazis.
-0.69 "I winged him in the foot, Captain, I swear!" "Goddamit, did you choose Bloody Mess ?"
-0.6841 What usually happens is the parts of T_D that agree with us get banned and banned HARD.
-0.68 "No, rapists, you can't come after me!
-0.6705 Tumors left alone can turn bad quick.
-0.5994 Did you read the one where Jack Ryan had to stop an insane President from nuking an entire country?
-0.5859 You guys go after anyone Trump dislikes like the rage maddened cultists you are.