/u/Lots42 is kind of a dick.

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0.7096 Glad to here things are good now.
0.6369 'Freedom Caucus'.
0.6369 And Republicans would love to be the one to write those regulations.
0.5994 Some Trump fans think pictures of happy families enjoying church or being blonde will make liberals mad.
0.5994 Run through the asylum, go back to County Crossing and now my settlers stand a better chance against Bloodbugs, Ghouls and Raiders.
0.5759 Well, I'm a liberal and it doesn't make me mad. You got any citations?
0.5719 Okay none of that is true.
0.5267 Trump fans winning capture the flag.
0.5256 Very effective potential ad material.
0.5106 You didn't have to blow them all up? I hunted them all down and enjoyed the murder...
0.4939 It makes a good attempt at cheerful awesomeness but falls flat.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9022 Of course the polls are wrong now because they were wrong in the past so they are wrong when I want them to be wrong.
-0.8658 Grandma forgets the fictional minions will fuck your shit up if they have the right battle commander.
-0.7359 Blame everything I don't like on made up nonsense.
-0.6705 Racists know propaganda.
-0.6705 There is plenty of evidence Putin has killed a lot of people.
-0.6705 Yes but now MSNBC is showing people on coast to coast broadcasts talking about how their grandpa will die without healthcare.
-0.6249 No, that's not the evidence of treason.
-0.6124 the alleged racistts were planning to vote trump anyway that is why they were called racist
-0.5994 There is evidence of sinister intent.
-0.5892 But you're not a Trump fan. Please note my sarcasm.
-0.5622 His boss is literally being investigated FOR TREASON.
-0.5574 Sometimes I volunteer to be a well-informed bag of shit.