/u/Lots42 is kind of a dick.

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0.8852 Throw him three months of super intense training in some camp somewhere and you got yourself a hella valuable asset.
0.872 Please tell me there will be true Justice in it and he will play Batman.
0.8519 Best Leader is that awesome.
0.8481 If it is actually the funniest thing...he'll leave you alive and laughing.
0.8176 I love how the message correlates with what happened for real; as in a bunch of young men hung out with a bunch of old people and had fun.
0.7727 It's better to give kids an option to safely neutralize attacking beasts, not straight up MURDER them.
0.6908 I dearly hope some kid doesn't think they are balloons and tries a tackle.
0.6749 So in the original Infinity Gauntlet Thanos rearranges reality so the heroes have a chance of defeating him.
0.6705 Seriously, my skeleton won 't fit in them.
0.6597 Yeah, pretty much.
0.6597 Good to know, thank you..

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-0.9071 Reddit ain't perfect but you don't go to jail for saying dumb shit.
-0.8883 It's absolutely terrifying that people have zero fucking sense of history and how ethnic groups have been singled out and punished time and time again, for the simple crime of existing.
-0.886 To the Alt-Reich, anything Hillary Clinton does is by defintion, evil and Alex Jones is crazy as shit.
-0.8658 When you smear yourself with shit, people are going to notice the shit.
-0.8591 Deporting someone who has been here thirty years, has a productive job, three kids and no violent criminal record...that is demonic.
-0.8402 The last villain to hold the Stones that make up the Gauntlet fucked up because he forgot you don't need to actually *hold* the Stones.
-0.7783 Sadly my local non-emergency number is run by brain dead idiots.
-0.7269 Just pointing a magic gun at someone and firing is boring.
-0.6908 According to what I understand the second half will show up and murder me.
-0.6808 Hell, the entire situation has potential.
-0.6779 Because he's doing it in the most absolutely racist way possible.
-0.6486 Your character is already dead.