/u/Lots42 is kind of a dick.

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0.8519 Glad it worked and glad you enjoyed it.
0.7184 I'm just over here genuinely liking the democrats for free.
0.7096 Older theories about size changing heroes suggested they gained their mass from an alternate dimension.
0.7003 This Fallout 4 set of clothes has nonsense for stats but I wear it because it looks awesome. http://imgur.com/yoGLCu9
0.6369 The other day a person I know wanted to get the latest best seller NOW.
0.6369 Curie is best girl period.
0.6249 Drumlin Diner is awesome.
0.6249 Asgardians are actually slightly powered by looking awesome.
0.6249 Hazmat is awesome on many levels.
0.6249 Raul manages to look awesome in whatever clothes I put him in.
0.5859 Well, technically, yes.

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-0.9595 The current hot conspiracy is an oldie but goodie, that she has all her enemies horribly murdered.
-0.9524 Jessica Cruz suffered a horrible family tragedy and became an agoraphobic shut in with severe anxiety problems.
-0.8779 Shame on OP for lying. Mods should delete this article and ban OP.
-0.8225 One of the simians was told her human keeper suffered a loss of her baby and signed that she was crying.
-0.8225 A baseball bat. Fortunately I killed the Deathclaw before the Ghoul got obliterated.
-0.8126 During my original run I of course killed the fuckers giving Trudy some problems.
-0.7845 I remember a violent gangster found out the identities of the New Warriors, somehow, and attacked their families.
-0.7845 A dead bastard in Fallout 3 gets raptured. This might be a video of it. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ExcludedLamp329/video/27804273
-0.7845 in Boston a crazy robot man came along and killed everyone. Let's not go to Boston, it's a scarier place.
-0.7783 And then Joe the Merchandising intern accidentally links the whole building's database to the internet and the villains find out the hero's names and all their grandmas are eaten.
-0.765 You're a lunatic and you are a danger to society.
-0.7579 If you are saying the Russian interference story is fake you are either deluded or outright lying.