/u/Longdicklaw is kind of a dick.

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0.8201 I am all for allowing immigrants to come live here but I think it is important to make sure we are only accepting those who can contribute and are willing to assimilate.
0.8041 The original situation is not racism but the situation you made up is racism.
0.6808 I definitely don't think it is easy.
0.6557 Every year there are tens of thousands of high school graduates who would benefit greatly from being accepted to Harvard or Yale or M.I.T..
0.5267 I also believe a path to citizenship for productive undocumented immigrants would be an ideal situation.
0.5106 I've appreciated your posts
0.4973 That isn't racist.
0.4915 I think it's extremely important to remember where you came from but I find it even more important to acknowledge where you are and make an effort to become a part of the culture you're living in.
0.4497 I have not asserted my position but I'm sure you can infer from my post.
0.4374 I don't know an efficient and just way to rectify those situations but wish one existed.
0.431 Nobody left in the Southwest of the city has been able to breathe without a rancid reminder of how close we are to being swallowed by the flames.

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-0.8934 thug noun \thg\ : a violent criminal What's the issue, loser?
-0.7783 Or it's an "I'm going to meticulously judge everything a BMW driver does out of spite" thing, loser.
-0.7783 I lose myself wondering how vile his mouth must taste.
-0.7703 Dealing with undocumented immigrants already in the country is an extremely complex problem and I think it is a travesty that it is at the point it is today.
-0.7615 I would not consider myself a Trump supporter but I don't believe he is as evil as he is being portrayed.
-0.743 Would you rather shit a softball or piss a marble?
-0.7351 Can't say BMW's are too noticeable where I live but assholes drive everything from Malibus to Maseratis.
-0.6418 If it is so unethical to enforce existing laws then shouldn't they be repealed?
-0.6369 I am sorry if I am coming off insensitive or offensive.
-0.6369 I hated him the second my mom introduced me to him.
-0.6249 Wanting to enforce immigration laws =\= racism.
-0.6124 I have a hard time understanding people who advocate for allowing illegal immigration.