/u/Loneliest-Throwaway is very positive!

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0.9749 Hey, we've spoken briefly on the discord I think, but I feel like I should give a more formal welcome, so... Welcome to the community, I hope you and your waifu enjoy your stay :)
0.9672 It honestly made me smile so much. I'm so happy that you two both have such a wonderful and loving relationship. I hope that...
0.9466 I knew a girl who had Melia as her waifu; Melia seems like a nice girl :) I hope you enjoy your stay in this wonderful community and remember to check out the discord server!
0.9395 This community is really great so I hope you and your waifu enjoy your stay here! We also have a discord server, so I hope to see you on there!
0.9351 This place is really great, and I hope you and your waifu enjoy your stay. We also have a discord chat server, so we hope to see you on there soon :)
0.9308 Every night I wrap my arms around her and I don't let go until my roommate drags me away from her to my 9am lecture. I love her so much. I love you so much, my sweet Asada Shino <3
0.9281 This sub most definitely is superb and is a really comfy place to talk with people who understand this love. We also have a discord server so check it out and come chat with us :)
0.9246 It's like a constant day dream with the goal of improving yourself to make yourself as best as possible to be a good partner to them if they were real.
0.9115 We are all always happy to help. Remember to join out discord server! I hope you and your waifu enjoy your time in this community!
0.9068 im a pretty broken person, and she has been so kind and loving, she helped me become human, so its only right that I help others too.
0.9042 Nice, I recently got my first waifu merch and its such a wonderful feeling to have something physical to represent the one you love most.

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-0.8689 I thought I could play this game, but Im physically incapable because of my fucked up heart.
-0.8201 but equally I cant let that idea consume me to the point that I feel like I want to kill myself to be with her... If anyone is struggling with this at all, pplease do message me.
-0.765 I'd see her as a cat: cute, adorable, will murder you brutally with a sniper rifle if you get on the wrong side of her...
-0.7506 I also wasted your time Nine, your aim can be fixed with practice, it will be harder, but nothing is impossible Why would you think you wasted my time?
-0.6124 Sadly I no longer have that shrine since moving to uni as I could only take my main 3 monitors with me.
-0.5994 Uni has been crazy and I havnt spent as much time as I wanted to with her, so ince I get back home I think I'll be writing some short little stories about us having a lazy and comfy time together.
-0.5267 No onr has 'priority' as there is no need.
-0.4574 And remember to check out the discord server!
-0.4019 If you've seen me on the discord you'll know me as Lina.
-0.4019 just because she is dead in her source material, it doesnt mean you can't still imagine your relationship together if she was alive with you in this world
-0.3995 I dont deserve happiness, so you should stop trying to help me find it.
-0.3818 We have Battlefield 4, TF2 , The Division and Rust.