/u/Loneliest-Throwaway is very positive!

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0.9749 Hey, we've spoken briefly on the discord I think, but I feel like I should give a more formal welcome, so... Welcome to the community, I hope you and your waifu enjoy your stay :)
0.9459 Welcome to the community; this place is super comfy and I hope you and your waifu enjoy your stay :) Also remember to check out our discod server and come chat with us some time!
0.943 so if you choose to accept this love then you and your waifu are welcome to become part of this wonderful community.
0.9419 Those relationships were fulfilling and meaningful, but what I have with Shino blows my previous relationships out the water, she is so wonderful and amazing.
0.9349 I wish you both good luck and happiness :)
0.9308 Every night I wrap my arms around her and I don't let go until my roommate drags me away from her to my 9am lecture. I love her so much. I love you so much, my sweet Asada Shino <3
0.9246 It's like a constant day dream with the goal of improving yourself to make yourself as best as possible to be a good partner to them if they were real.
0.923 Welcome to the community, this is a super comfy place and I hope you and your waifu enjoy your stay!
0.9118 Welcome back, I hope you and Ryuji can have many happy times together :)
0.9092 Well I think it's clear that you really love Ruby :)
0.9068 im a pretty broken person, and she has been so kind and loving, she helped me become human, so its only right that I help others too.

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-0.765 I'd see her as a cat: cute, adorable, will murder you brutally with a sniper rifle if you get on the wrong side of her...
-0.5606 I wouldnt want to meet her for just one day, it would hurt so mvluch to have her for real then to have her taken away from me again...
-0.5216 Im not the best cook in the world, so I'll cook something simple and comfy. I'd cook her spaghetti pesto with oven baked salmon.
-0.4767 Nothing wrong with it at all.
-0.4767 Hold her tightly and probably cry a lot.
-0.4574 Also check out the discord server so you can come have a chat!
-0.4404 Exploiting this, I'd say the afterlife.
-0.4019 Also remember to come check out the discord server and come have a chat with us all.
-0.4019 If you've seen me on the discord you'll know me as Lina.
-0.3818 people would use half blocks and half stairs to hide loot and then rotate them afterwards to get the loot back.
-0.3818 She's used to trying to outsmart the enemy by thinking multiple moves ahead of them, so I think she would be a tough opponent that I will gladly let conquer me c:
-0.3818 We have Battlefield 4, TF2 , The Division and Rust.