/u/LoneWanDer10 is very positive!

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0.8885 Love how it really drops and also love the tattoo on you as well
0.8791 Really enjoy the kiss at the end along with that mole on your body was really cute!
0.8718 Really enjoyed the batman clothing and also would love to do certain things to those breasts
0.8617 Also really enjoyed the tanned body as well as really complimenting them!
0.8478 Wow what a great way to start the morning!
0.8478 Pretty good for first attempt I liked it!
0.8402 Would love to see you post more cause those look amazing
0.8323 Those are just so adorable makes me want to pet a cat or something I suddenly feel happier
0.8316 Was a great drop but I fell in love with those thighs
0.8221 Love how you bounced them in this vid and the bra really compliment them
0.8172 Nice reveal enjoyed the thighs as well!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5423 My bad where do I go for that?
-0.3691 Looking forward to info about it because I tried finding out information about it online and could not really get a true rundown of the plot.
-0.3382 Love'd how you drop one at a time!
-0.3382 Man the drop is on point!
-0.3382 Man that drop has my "autobot" rolling out and transforming!
-0.3382 That drop was out of this world!
-0.3382 Man that drop!
-0.1695 Man I wouldn't even be surprised if the same thing apply towards you're rear
-0.1363 :O under there ok my bad from me reading it sounded like you needed to do what I did I apologize
0.0 Link to gif?
0.0 Man options is right though
0.0 Those thighs!