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0.9508 Not an entry as I was a winner in your last giveaway, but there is no reason everybody shouldn't try Bluebread or Super Cereal :) Keep up the great work!
0.9312 No threading issues and working like a champ with what I've thrown at it thus far. Thanks again for your intervention and assistance in getting this taken care of. Have a great rest of your day!
0.9259 It's the color of the forest where I love to spend time, as well as a certain plant that can be smoked which enhances nature time ;) Thanks for the chance!
0.9246 I'll be re-ascending next week after a 5 year break. Thanks for the chance to win something to help me catch up :)
0.9169 Count me in :) Thanks for the chance - I'm a few days away from re-ascension after 5 years of non-gaming. I have a lot to catch up on haha :)
0.9042 Easily pocketable with a Baby Beast on it. Hoping to put Arctic Fox on my backup Pico as I've heard it's pretty amazing.
0.9001 haha :) well yeah, then it would be justified right?
0.8908 Thanks for the tip :) Appreciate the support!
0.8856 sitting at my desk in front of my PC - even more enjoyable as I got my new PC set up today :) thanks for the chance!
0.883 I've started dabbling in squonking and really enjoyed it thus far. I like the option to use single or dual coils. Thanks for the chance!
0.8619 just recently re-ascended after a 5 year hiatus, so this would be awesome! Thanks for the chance!

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-0.5983 ho-ho-holy shit!
-0.5256 The shape looks comfortable, but not sure about that fire button placement.
-0.4168 SSD speed, and not enough gain for the premium on the TI.
-0.4023 . Don't trust liquid in my PC - what if it leaks?
-0.34 This is not a return, this is a manufacturing defect of a unuseable product.
-0.3182 they got confused .
-0.296 .that's in the the exhaust from that bus
-0.25 Plus I'm stuck at work this weekend.
-0.2363 New layout is pretty slick, and looks great on my 27" monitor :) Pecan Pie sounds pretty tasty, but hell they all do!
-0.1281 Just really don't want to add the height.
-0.0516 Definitely frustrating.
-0.0258 The answers here are surprising to me, as I've always left mine on and no sleep mode.