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0.9397 I'm tempted to graduate to the pricier end of the spectrum, but too cheap to do it myself haha :) Thanks for the chance!
0.9382 Thanks for the kind words, and flavors :) I'd be happy to review anything you are willing to provide - I like trying new flavors and unique combos.
0.9318 You are very welcome, and thanks for the encouragement! Keep up the great work!
0.9215 I love /u/passafire because he is crustier than my grandpa's underpants ;) <3 thanks for the chance!
0.9151 Hope the desire gets me in the running :) 1967 Thanks for the chance!
0.9134 .but $ is better than no $ :) Thanks for the chance!
0.9048 You are most welcome :) Awesome!
0.9041 You did good work :) haha You are quite welcome.
0.8979 Glad you found it useful, and you are welcome :)
0.8934 Nice job on moving on from vaping, and good luck with the move :)
0.8777 Passable =/= Recommended in my book Keep up the great work, and thanks for the chance!

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-0.9217 . I just feel bad for the poor grad student who's thread this is - some poor bastard just trying to gather some data for a project, and it explodes into this.
-0.7906 Vape Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Clouds
-0.7339 I'm starving! Hi, Starving - I'm Dad!
-0.6808 Hell, how is it edible?
-0.6666 Should I message the mods? It's the same format/etc as the one that came before, and the two that came after so I'm at a loss here :(
-0.6369 The Catholic Church's systemic child abuse and cover-ups are gargantuan in comparison to Penn State.
-0.6289 I'm gonna go with NO based on your own reasoning - if it doesn't live up to the ad copy that's a no go for me.
-0.5859 unmitigated bullshit
-0.5423 None of your business Fuck that cop
-0.4973 set it aside try it again in a month set it aside try it again in another month still don't like it? Set it aside again, and vape it forward to somebody that might like something I don't
-0.4487 Sitting on quite a stockpile of liquid at this point :) My order was from late June so no worries either way.
-0.4215 Ugh - "removed" eh?