/u/Logg420 is very positive!

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0.9508 Not an entry as I was a winner in your last giveaway, but there is no reason everybody shouldn't try Bluebread or Super Cereal :) Keep up the great work!
0.9358 You forgot the exclamation point "We're all moving to Vegas!" :) Good luck, thanks, and keep up the good work!
0.887 I'm fortunate to be able to vape in my control room which allows me to enjoy my new hobby, as well as be more efficient in not having to leave my post.
0.8847 Some have it easier than others to make the switch, but hold the line and stay strong and before you know it those stinkies will be in your rear view :)
0.883 I've started dabbling in squonking and really enjoyed it thus far. I like the option to use single or dual coils. Thanks for the chance!
0.8748 and /u/"username" to get username mentions :) Thanks for the win!
0.8619 just recently re-ascended after a 5 year hiatus, so this would be awesome! Thanks for the chance!
0.8591 As for Dad, a day of peace and quiet haha :)
0.8553 Adirondack Sagamore was my first love, and will always be my #1 ADV Thanks for the chance!
0.8516 Well, and at work as it makes it bearable haha Thanks for the chance!
0.8516 :) Much luck to you, and welcome back!

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-0.6454 No reason we can't win and redeem the offer once you get things lined up for us right?
-0.5358 I have no intention of reducing my nicotine at this point, and also have never had a single desire to have a cigarette since I made the switch.
-0.5256 The shape looks comfortable, but not sure about that fire button placement.
-0.3595 I had no idea!
-0.2732 I'm by no means handy myself :) I just figure for the price I can screw up a couple times and how hard can it be to cut out some foam .
-0.2363 New layout is pretty slick, and looks great on my 27" monitor :) Pecan Pie sounds pretty tasty, but hell they all do!
-0.128 I've entertained the idea of getting into DIY, but as a lazy man, it's hard enough to contemplate making my own coils, let alone juice haha.
-0.0258 The answers here are surprising to me, as I've always left mine on and no sleep mode.
0.0 My name is Log and I just spent waaaaay too much money .
0.0 why the spoiler tag?
0.0 As an Indiana resident , I'll go ahead and enter.
0.0 [Desktop Restore] That's my go-to desktop icon wrangler