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0.9783 Zero, but hoping to dabble in the future. I've heard many good things about the Ammit and it sounds like it would be a good step into the world of rebuilding :) Thanks for the chance!
0.9612 Sorry you are having to deal with that, but I'd definitely recommend either of those 2 vendors depending on who's cheaper. good luck getting thing straightened out :)
0.9186 :) good call haha and actually probably accurate as well :)
0.906 Thanks for the chance! Looks like a nice on the go device with a larger capacity, a nice range of coils choices, and large screen.
0.9042 You can slide the airflow control ring off of the iCare to improve airflow. I did that, and was much happier with the draw on mine. Hope this helps.
0.9042 different tastes/batches/etc :) Glad you found one you enjoy :)
0.9042 Easily pocketable with a Baby Beast on it. Hoping to put Arctic Fox on my backup Pico as I've heard it's pretty amazing.
0.9041 :) Thanks for the shot at some sweet sweet juice! .
0.9013 I really enjoyed it - yummy cinnamon and spices on top of an almond milky goodness.
0.8963 B-X Vapor also has a Horchata I really enjoyed as well, but I think TBD's was just a bit better. I say give it a whirl :)
0.8935 same except mine's the all black Pico and the Baby has black o-rings My favorite is the X-4 coil @ 50 watts Great for on the go, and comfortable to drop in my pocket and not worry about it.

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-0.7351 never got much on the inhale, and it all comes from the exhale through the nose. I've noticed no ill effects after a year and change, and no drying out at all .
-0.68 if it is, jesus christ I'm a dead man!
-0.6072 and not sweet like sugar, but like "what's mine say?
-0.5983 ho-ho-holy shit!
-0.4215 I've only had the barest of paint rubbed off on the bottom from picking it up/putting it down on my desk, but no other issues.
-0.4023 . Don't trust liquid in my PC - what if it leaks?
-0.34 This is not a return, this is a manufacturing defect of a unuseable product.
-0.34 I'll be blunt as well - fuck you
-0.2755 It doesn't work like that .
-0.25 Plus I'm stuck at work this weekend.
-0.2144 Never hadr that problem myself, Dan, but it's a wide world out there.
-0.1281 Just really don't want to add the height.