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0.9568 :) Thanks for the chance to score some delicious juice at a steeeep discount :) Haven't traveled much the past few years, but the Caribbean Cruise last fall was pretty awesome.
0.923 I'll be wearing my green and working, but green beer after is a definite :) Thanks for the chance!
0.9201 Some of the best cereal flavors I've tried :) Good to know you are out there even if you don't post as much :)
0.9153 I'm prepared to go heavy on the front end, to reap the long term benefits :) Stay strong, brother, and you'll get those upgrades sooner than you think :)
0.9091 I wouldn't steer you wrong :) Yeah, 70 is the absolute top of it's rated wattage, and Smok recommends 45-60 for the X4 and I found 50 to be my/the sweet spot.
0.9052 I wanna do my best to get good bang for my buck, but willing to spend more/make changes to accomplish that too :)
0.9042 Gonna go with 28 after HoboVaper Thanks for the chance to get some nice coils to ease into some rebuildables :)
0.902 Sicilian Gold and Pear Fusion sound pretty tasty. Happy cake day, and thanks for the chance!
0.8922 It's all good, and I appreciate the input. Looks like on CyberPowerPC they offer the GQ, but not the G2 I'll do some research, and definitely appreciate any and all feedback wherever it comes from.
0.891 Yep the anticipation is real haha :) It's been about 7 years since I got a new dedicated gaming PC.
0.8807 Thanks for your generosity and the chance :)

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-0.8913 but what the hell do you expect from this dirty Irishman?) ;)
-0.765 The format of this one just leaves a bad taste in the mouth. I'm not trying to be a "sore loser" etc, just sharing my thoughts as I see things.
-0.6486 50 years late but now the Red Scare is real .
-0.6369 I don't have the time or inclination to build my own, and always hated the wiring aspects of it. Haven't had a gaming PC in about 5 years so it's time for all new gear.
-0.5927 the one I got in the last hat giveaway came with a broken "snapback" I PM'ed the other day when I discovered the issue, but no response yet.
-0.5719 Ages are 6 months to 1 year used across multiple dual battery, and a couple single battery devices. I keep them as is for continuity and had no need to mess with them.
-0.5267 Apple Sucker with a Gin & Tonic .
-0.5023 Should have swapped some coils tonight but was lazy.
-0.34 1 giveaway per subreddit - bad form UmbaVape I'd suggest another drawing for the post here, as well as a random drawing.
-0.2846 Busy can be a pain but it does usually mean things are working out as planned.
-0.2617 If I'm wrong, so be it, but in my experience of giveaways here those are the cases.
-0.2584 Admittedly coming here from r/all, and have never been a console play.