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0.9528 It'll come, and it will sneak up on you, but from time to time, you'll find yourself thinking today is a better day, and that's what counts :) Take care, bud :)
0.936 Sweet Vapes is great for coils. Vapecrawler in general is my starting point, and then find my favorite vendors based on best price.
0.926 yeah, my bike is uh in the shop yeah that's it haha :) It worked out great on vacation, and when Mom was in the hospital for traveling back and forth.
0.9201 Definitely don't "need" any juice right now as I have a stockpile that only seems to get bigger, but I like trying new things and deals haha :)
0.9167 Thanks for the chance! Rich, Homemade, and Deep Blue sound amazing!
0.9166 Getting Mom back to full health so I'm definitely keeping this one haha :) Thanks for the chance to score more at a discount.
0.9025 I wasn't very impressed either, but gave an honest, but accurate, response to it. I did recommend they make a post of their own if they truly want to repent and move forward, but we'll see.
0.902 Take shorter pulls to break it in somewhat slowly, and then you are off to the races. Hope this helps, and good luck!
0.8934 You will be a happy camper - the whole line is outstanding :)
0.8932 Good luck, and hope it helps!
0.8869 I felt bad that the vendors didn't get individual posts, but it had to get done, and that got it done. Mom is progressing slowly but surely so hopefully I'll be able to play some real catch up soon.

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-0.8519 Not willing to do a damn thing to lose weight as I'm comfortable, and hate exercise & sweating. I'd rather die fat and happy, than skinny and pissed off /s ;)
-0.7096 no excuses for doing everything they hate themselves when making purchases.
-0.6597 These calculations are fucked up imho.
-0.6124 No worries - he took a ton of Black Friday, and Going Out of Business orders and then dropped off the face of the earth without fulfilling any of them.
-0.4767 I've seen myself and others reactions when I was 190 and they asked "what's wrong?
-0.4588 Regrettably, I have not yet.
-0.4019 My problem?
-0.357 Did not expect that :)
-0.296 No response yet to update us on this thread .
-0.296 no response to email .
-0.296 there are no TC coils for the TFV8 series currently that I am aware of.
-0.2057 if not, well .