/u/Logcabinboys is kind of a dick.

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0.8236 The real Artie would never give a shit about somebody like Pete Holmes or take them under his wing and care for them.
0.8087 HAHAHA that's hilarious!
0.7096 Haha that's a good one
0.7026 Ant truly doesn't give a shit.
0.6597 I loved when Eric and Artie would talk shit to each other, that was great stuff.
0.6597 You're 100% right and I'm glad you shared.
0.6249 A modern masterpiece.
0.5994 "Some states require that your beneficiary have an insurable interest in your life or be related to you , while others have no such restriction."
0.5574 Yeah his 10 hour shows could have easily been done in 9 hours.
0.5454 Hella nice dude yeah go pump iron and then go pump that redbars asshole fuck yeah
0.5267 To my understanding, someone could buy a life insurance policy on themselves then designate whoever they want to be the beneficiary.

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-0.9274 All we needed to know is what Opie said this week about Ellis - "Ant hated him, Jimmy hated him, the fans hated him.
-0.8779 These people should be raped first, then shot and killed.
-0.8442 The real Artie would be tearing apart the weak, pathetic mess that is the show, Judd, Pete, everything.
-0.8396 If his repeated stories and jokes are so hated now, how hated would they be if they're repeated 4 times a week?
-0.8271 That poor dick and balls smh
-0.8126 Since she's already so close to it, I would try to fuck Sandy Kane to death.
-0.7397 He must have just snorted a lot of really cut up shit.
-0.7346 Crashing is disgusting and fucking sucks.
-0.7269 Just awful, even worse than before.
-0.6597 "Faggot minds think alike" - Plato
-0.6597 Wherever that faggot the Dalai Lama lives
-0.6597 His character is a faggot.