/u/Logcabinboys is kind of a dick.

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0.8236 The real Artie would never give a shit about somebody like Pete Holmes or take them under his wing and care for them.
0.8087 HAHAHA that's hilarious!
0.7096 Haha that's a good one
0.7026 Ant truly doesn't give a shit.
0.6908 Cumia might get mad sometimes but he will always love his son
0.6597 I loved when Eric and Artie would talk shit to each other, that was great stuff.
0.6597 You're 100% right and I'm glad you shared.
0.6249 A modern masterpiece.
0.6249 Ant keeps mentioning the great convos he's having off the air with other compound hosts..
0.5994 "Some states require that your beneficiary have an insurable interest in your life or be related to you , while others have no such restriction."
0.5574 Yeah his 10 hour shows could have easily been done in 9 hours.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9274 All we needed to know is what Opie said this week about Ellis - "Ant hated him, Jimmy hated him, the fans hated him.
-0.8779 These people should be raped first, then shot and killed.
-0.8689 Only a sad piece of shit would go all the way to Artie's just to fake laugh and get shit on.
-0.8625 The hysterical overreaction by Cumia to the criticism of something as trivial as Deep Discount is bizarre and troubling.
-0.8442 The real Artie would be tearing apart the weak, pathetic mess that is the show, Judd, Pete, everything.
-0.8396 If his repeated stories and jokes are so hated now, how hated would they be if they're repeated 4 times a week?
-0.7397 He must have just snorted a lot of really cut up shit.
-0.7346 Crashing is disgusting and fucking sucks.
-0.6597 "Faggot minds think alike" - Plato
-0.6597 Wherever that faggot the Dalai Lama lives
-0.6597 His character is a faggot.
-0.6597 Sometimes Opie makes me want to kill myself too.