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0.9557 All super cute as always The first one is so adorable and well done, and I love the second one's colors.
0.9538 Not to mention he's super cute, loyal, and a great friend.
0.9441 The drawings are all great and super cute too, you two are such a lovely couple!
0.9322 I really just want him to see me as good wife and companion, someone that cares deeply about him and that would always be there for him, someone he can trust and love.
0.9274 After all, I love my husbando wholeheartedly, I don't love the real guys that asked me out. 3) So, that's the thing, people don't choose a waifu, the love simply happens.
0.9117 It's great how much Shino helped you and how much you love her, that's very sweet.
0.9089 During his best moments I was always so happy for him and noticed how much I wanted to see his smile.
0.9022 His voice is just perfect for Kuroko, I love how soft and adorable it is.
0.9001 Mostly because it's my favorite anime, I would love to see the KuroBasu character in a calm slice of life atmosphere like 3-gatsu's...
0.899 Basically it really depends from person to person, but everyone should respect the other one's love.
0.8977 I'm sure Eishi would appreciate everything a lot. I hope you and Eishi had a happy Valentine's Day too!

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-0.4588 "Ore" can sound rude in some situations too, so it's understandable why polite characters would use "boku" instead.
-0.4019 I had to reject a few people in the past after starting my relationship.
-0.3612 I would yell it, I doubt anyone would even understand what I'm talking about anyway. 11.
-0.357 He is the reason I started a basketball team at my university even though I never had much interest in this type of sport before.
-0.3402 I thought it was a crush at first, but the feelings didn't disappear even after a year trying to deny them.
-0.3089 We see waifuism as marriage, if you marry someone you won't have romantic interactions with someone else, right?
-0.296 Waifuism is the same as marriage. And, no, age has nothing to do with it.
-0.296 No, that's not allowed here.
-0.296 [Kuroko with Nigou] [Kuroko with the 'Kiseki no Sedai' team]
-0.2732 The cosplayer isn't related to him at all, no matter how accurate it is. 6.
-0.2263 Maybe also some kind of magic that can confuse minds...
-0.1779 Kuroko tries to hide his presence and passes when nobody is looking at him, while Takao has a skill that makes him able to see the whole court.