/u/Lockesteerpike is kind of a dick.

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0.8316 You're cute, this is funny, and you had better start printing out posters.
0.714 I wish you well, but you're playing a respectability game with people that are looking to ignore you.
0.7083 More like it. Fix your machine learning if you want your bots to sound like a person.
0.705 :) YMCA bit isn't bad.
0.6705 Nationalize twitter if you want freedom of speech to apply to their decisions.
0.6124 I myself would be fine with considering peaceful resistance speech.
0.6124 At this point I meditate because I've seen what meditating regularly feels like, and I've seen what not meditating regularly feels like.
0.5984 These Russian bots are getting really sophisticated.
0.5842 If you don't stop watching then, you're good. The one thing I've never heard said of Black Mirror is that it's ordinary.
0.5719 Standing larger than life using unnecessary force in a poorly fitting suit from the fifties. This is perfect.
0.5719 The physical pleasure of a well-aligned posture. 3.

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-0.8391 I'm gonna write a dick joke, name it after this idiot, get a big laugh, and nobody is going to give me shit about my crudeness.
-0.7511 My face muscles carry stress, and will reach a critical mass if I don't relax. 2.
-0.7506 Weak as fuck.
-0.743 A shitty nonsense response.
-0.7184 The burden of proof is to show that the racism that created these conditions has been negated.
-0.7003 It's explaining why you're wrong. Hurting your feelings is not automatically a logical fallacy.
-0.6705 You're no idiot.
-0.6645 HOLY FUCK FIVE?!?!
-0.6597 We've got ample historical evidence that everything he's doing is evil.
-0.6555 You're spouting a conspiracy theory alluded to by one of the stakeholders in Russia's hacking. Read the actual reports, not just Wikileaks fan sites.
-0.6486 It would drop the generalizations, and her haters would eat it up.
-0.6486 Protest that doesn't result in some form of agitation gets ignored.