/u/Lockesteerpike is kind of a dick.

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0.7783 I don't know how much of a gilded invitation you need to be a force for good. You say you care, and that you're in this thread asking for solutions?
0.7717 They have had, at their fingertips, an abundance of sources full of kind, earnest people explaining what science has discovered.
0.7269 It's a good release, because it puts the audience in the story on your side, laughing.
0.7096 If climate deniers cared about the truth they wouldn't wait until someone who made them feel good explained it.
0.6369 If the ideology were a true reflection of reality, then a scientific consensus would be easily reachable.
0.6124 At this point I meditate because I've seen what meditating regularly feels like, and I've seen what not meditating regularly feels like.
0.5994 I have no confidence that these people are just waiting for someone to be nice.
0.5859 In other circumstances I'd think of this as clever. However, this was not a topic to cover in a casual setting.
0.5719 The physical pleasure of a well-aligned posture. 3.
0.5574 There are also positive things that go away once I fall out of practice.
0.5432 Focus on whether or not your unholy power to command machines has increased. Don't worry about how long it takes.

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-0.8039 Is it really so weird to you that niche comedy isn't universally loved? The whole "white guy saying racist stuff" shtick isn't for everyone.
-0.7906 No, nothing about the short showed vanilla's worldview as wicked, that's an irrational takeaway from the show.
-0.765 No, you fucked up reading.
-0.7511 My face muscles carry stress, and will reach a critical mass if I don't relax. 2.
-0.7506 I put it to you that I can nit-pick any argument to death that I choose to.
-0.7456 *BLAM BLAM* DAMNIT Stephens, no camping during press briefings."
-0.7003 Like I said, I would have no fear walking into evergreen and speaking my mind. Everybody in the world is able to hear criticism if you know how to express it tactfully.
-0.6888 It was swiftly latched onto by white people, and had been used as a negative stereotype since. Just because racism is old doesn't make it not racist.
-0.6705 You're no idiot.
-0.6645 HOLY FUCK FIVE?!?!
-0.6555 You're spouting a conspiracy theory alluded to by one of the stakeholders in Russia's hacking. Read the actual reports, not just Wikileaks fan sites.
-0.624 The worst part is that the less I meditate the less I want to meditate.