/u/Lockesteerpike is kind of a dick.

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0.9388 If he's come to the conclusion that Nazis had good points, that child isn't arguing in good faith and further arguing won't fix his hate.
0.7906 Pretty sure the current administration will go in the history books as an example of the importance of political experience.
0.7386 "Black Lives Matter" has always been an statement that black lives are being treated as if they don't. Racists co-opting that statement is very clever of them.
0.7311 I had an answer. Then moved to what about head chopping. I don't know if whataboutism or moving goalpost is the best way to describe this, but you're not listening to me or arguing in good faith.
0.7269 It's better than a T_D friendly sub.
0.7258 She's known for gathering as much information as she can on all sides before making a decision. She's very smart, and I really liked her performance in the debates.
0.6908 You don't come off as being in good faith.
0.6705 I'm pretty sure *nothing* revolving around their rights is why they're kneeling.
0.6481 I've genuinely never seen hate in the marches. The Charlottesville protests were done primarily under banners of hate and white supremacy.
0.5719 Your fine idea would be a good one.
0.5499 Long story, but yes.

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-0.886 What reason do they have to be carrying symbols of hate and violence other than to threaten?
-0.8858 People of color are going through oppression different from slavery right now, so this would be a very ineffective lesson. It would also be unimaginably cruel. What is the goal here?
-0.8779 Or are you simply against them because their book contains violence and you've forgotten the violence in our own?
-0.875 There are no more straightforward symbols of hate and violence than the flag of the third reich. I do not know why conservatives are walking this line of making excuses, or what their plan is.
-0.8481 You've made the distinction between Christian terrorists and terrorists who happen to be Christian. Do you not make this distinction with Islam?
-0.8316 It's relevant because of the size of the religion. Countries that go to war go to war.
-0.8126 Prejudice based on race is an aspect of racism.
-0.8074 A belief in the third Reich is a form of death threat to a lot of people.
-0.7783 Would you rather be put through Navy Seal training or raped nightly by the kind of person who cuts off genitals?
-0.7506 They're responsible for some of the worst oppression of gay people in the world. Are you saying their religion is why they're punishing homosexuals?
-0.7351 Countries that are broken and full of militias are broken and full of militias.
-0.7184 You seem to have missed that. Paul opens Romans with a condemnation of homosexuality.