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0.9672 I'm sure I'm forgetting some things but make sure to enjoy the experience and good luck :)
0.9496 Luckily I have a pretty good idea of what I want everything to look like so hopefully it won't be too crazy to nail it all down.
0.9468 Honestly I keep telling myself to enjoy the process as, hopefully, we're only doing this once :) Also, love your username!
0.9463 My best friend got married about a month ago and all during her engagement she kept talking about how she'd LOVE it if my FH proposed to me at her wedding.
0.9246 I'm excited to do the whole wedding planning thing but I want to make sure I enjoy our engagement too.
0.9205 Your 2lb gain is probably also muscle, which is not a bad thing so don't get discouraged. How bad is the fit currently?
0.9169 We were excited to be included and to celebrate with the happy couple and other friends.
0.8934 Also, from what I can see in the picture, you look pretty happy in that dress, which is probably a good sign ;)
0.8898 FH and I think it's awesome but I want to make sure everyone is enjoying it.
0.8834 We're just looking up "best things to do in.." and going from there and also getting some recommendations from well-travelled friends :)
0.8736 I don't want to look back at the pictures of one of the happiest days of my life and think "wow, what a lard!" It's awesome that you're getting into kickboxing!!

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-0.7565 No worries, still shouldn't take long :) As for the signs, how about painting them as he suggested, then painting over the actual sign part with chalkboard paint?
-0.7506 Everybody's got their shit together and I'm over here still freaking out about save-the-dates...
-0.656 I'm a bit overweight myself and I was so worried that they wouldn't have dresses in my size or that everything would look hideous on me.
-0.6369 She seems abusive.
-0.5927 The majority of the actual planning process is on me but he's taken on a larger part of the financial burden.
-0.5563 Oh man, this is a timely topic because at the moment, it is very stressful.
-0.5559 I'm realizing now that people who aren't actively planning a wedding either don't know or don't care about the timing of a save-the-date.
-0.5499 I've come to terms with the fact that I will not be at my overall goal weight for my wedding, but I am looking to lose 30-35 lbs by the time the big day rolls around.
-0.5267 On top of the verbal abuse to you and your SO, she HIT you.
-0.4497 I picked a few dresses that were not at all what I wanted but figured I try them on for shits and giggles.
-0.4466 Thought we'd DIY flowers to save some money but I've realized I don't want that added stress the few days before the wedding, so now we need a flower vendor.
-0.4215 Today I had my first "we should just scrap it all and elope" moment. I am currently freaking out about catering.